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New Specialty Betta Store


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Ok - had enough of wholesaling fish for a living. Too much hard work and ludicrously long hours for zip return.

I am on the wrong side of 40. Living on less than 4hrs sleep a night is hardly what I had planned for this stage of life.

Decided to set up a small aquarium store specialising in Bettas and Fancy Guppies.

The store is located at #17/478 Ipswich Road Annerley Q 4103. (behind Ace Comics and Games)

The store is designed a little like Kelson’s in Singapore. (http://www.kelsonbetta.net/home.htm)

Hope to open sometime next week. (nothing ever goes to plan)

Will have a stand of about 50 fancy bettas and around 40 tanks of other aquarium fish and plants.

Also have a selection of tanks, bowls, food and accessories.

Will get some photos once everything is up and running. Have spent the last 2 months renovating a 1970’s acupuncture clinic. (resplendent with orange carpet and curtains, yellow counter, veneer panelling and autumn leaf wall paper!) The new colour scheme is quite bold, hope it works!

The grand plan for me is to have more time – I will work towards faster response times to emails and calls. (won’t that be a surprise!) I also hope to be able to photograph fish ASAP after release, so the sale list is always updated.

It is still a 200km round trip to the Q room with no photo tanks, so fish can only be photographed after they are released.

Best regards, someone

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I trust someone else will be cleaning the plant tank!!!

yeah - Paul!!

Many thanks for all the well wishes

There will be an online store - I hope to have more time to photograph stock now.

The new stand should allow me to take pics in-situ, rather than having to move fish to a photography tank.

Looks like we will be open by the end of this week.

Cheers, someone

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Open this Saturday

Opening hours:

Sat & Sun 10am-4pm

Mon-Friday 11am-7pm (may be there a bit earlier as fish have to be cleaned, fed etc, just tap on the door)

Can't guarantee EFTPOS facilites until later next week - still waiting on bank.

Westpac next door has ATM.

some "before" photos of the shop - will post up "after" shots after the weekend


(sorry image is rotated)


Thanks all, J

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Sorry someone, I too need to ask if you will still be our transshipper?????? Love those curtains/blinds/screen by the way. They are really spechul in a 70's kind of way. Hang on, I think they used to be in my lounge room...

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