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  1. went away for the weekend and since ive never had any worries leaving fish b4 for this amount of time i wasnt concerned at all about them. Checked community tank when we got home to find all but one of my neons gone , the one left is hiding tail less under an anubia . My bumble bees are gone and the remainder of the population are hanging out at one end if the 4 foot tank while my blue gourami patrols the other end. One end of the tank is now packed full with my gouramis , lemon tetras , glo tetras , head and tail tetras , clown and kuhli loaches , corys , angels , ruby barbs and the BN . wh
  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm awesome pics lurve jelly fish
  3. jusdeb


    hey all , im on the move this weekend and wondering how the heck im gonna organise getting a 4 foot community tank from a to b ( only about 3 kilometres ) i know its gonna be a nitemare . Any tips on moving them would be greatly appreciated . The tank is fully planted with live plants so any hints on that will be great too. cheers all
  4. give yaself a pat on the back for that one .........brilliant idea
  5. wow .... all those gouramis living in harmony ...oh how i wish .... i have a 4 foot community tank with 4 gouramis who do nothing but goad and and chase each other luckily without any injuries. When they finish annoying the daylights out of each other they try it on the convict cichlids and other occupants then when no one wants to play any more they do mock attacks on themselves with their reflections in the glass...way too much fishtosterone for one tank lol
  6. Great plan someone you deserve some you time..
  7. I threw my tests kits away ages ago ...Rotten things make me obsess and then start adjusting water.
  8. jusdeb


    Welcome blank
  9. LOL Finley my Red Grass guppies take BBS from day one and take NLS Grow at 1 week at 2 weeks they hoe into bloodworms....they slow down at about 2 months then develope the finnage.
  10. Maybe try putting a few in who knows as Bazzi said its kinda an opposite to what you want thing....I put 1 week old guppies in with new born guppies and the 1 weekers ate the bubs...whod have thought but then I didnt want them to eat them so.........
  11. Welcome....... BBS are excellent as first food for fry.... Not sure about arowana... not sure about quaranteen laws in WA... Yes there are bettta breeders in WA... Aquabid is much like e bay but you can only import from cèrtain asian countries... The leaves are ketapang leaves and they recreate the type of water bettas are found in in the wild..
  12. Welcome to Ausaqua i currently have RREA Full Reds and Red Grass all from imported stock....
  13. Sooooooooooooo cute .....my daughter was a reflux baby and i can relate to the agony of hearing them scream..... Anyway enjoy your little bundle of joy coz as a mum whos youngest is now 15 all i can say is ....THE OLDER THEY GET THE CUTER THEY AINT...LOL LOL
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