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    When I get back from holidays. Ive just trimmed the heck out of it so not looking good at all. A few weeks and ill pop one up. Thanks Michael. Today I bought one of the new barrel shaped diffusers. For those using the ceramic disc Id be kicking it to the kerb and spending the $29 to get one. The bubbles are teeny tiny and there would be at least 200 times the bubbles coming out. Im impressed.
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    Hey all, I have a 4x2x2 planted with Co2. I wasn't happy with the water flow distributing the Co2 bubbles around the tank so I added a small powerhead , does the job very well. My question is.... I have the powerhead sitting about the diffuser to push the bubbles around. The powerhead itself sucks up quite a lot of bubbles and spits them out. Will this affect the Co2 ?
  3. I have sand as well and think it is sooooooo much better than gravel ( which I have had in the past). As said poop sits on top and easy to clean. I stir up the sand everytime I change the water with the end of my gravel vac. It doesn't take very long for it to settle again. It's not all that good for planting though. It looks so clean and white
  4. You wont get eyes you will get little wriggly tails. Discus delight is great but it is very expensive I will give you a recipe if you like it is a bit messy to make but will save you a fortune. As Cassie said they LOVE freeze dried blackworm and it is full of protien brine shrimp another good one but I hear that the bloodworm really doesn't give them all that much although I do feed it a couple of times a week. I look forward to hearing if any of the babies survive.
  5. It is all very exciting when you get a pair but if the pair is the cobalt and the melon then I wouldn't even try and raise the fry they will be one big peppered mess. If it is the cobalt and the snow white then this could be a nice mix ( not sure what you will get). Usually the discus end up eating the first few batches of eggs but if they don't then and they make it to free swimmers I will help you out with the next step. They will actually attach to the parents and feed off them. If you can take out the driftwood in your tank as the fry can easily get confused as they attach to the darkest thing in the tank ( that is why the parents turn dark) Just keep an eye on discus number 3 these guys are cichlids and will become very protective of their babies and she could end up getting a beating. Good luck the fry are soo cute DUH the white one is the mother the blue on is the father :ph34r:
  6. Thanks Lilli. I do drop in and have a read of whats going on at times but with a business 3 boys a husband and life things are very busy so I don't get on as often. I hope everyone is well/ :)
  7. I do have a couple that I just put in ( I can take out) and they are soooooooo active swimming around everywhere and eat like piggies. Does anyone here live FNQ ? I was just interested at what temps a fish bowl or aquarium sits at.
  8. Hi everyone hope you are all well. As the title says what do you think about gold fish in warm water??? I have seen this before in some lps and thought it a little strange but as I thought about it more gold fish living in hotter parts of australia would be in warm water without the use of a heater as would gold fish living overseas in hotter climates. Has there been a study of any kind done?? cheers Leanne
  9. very nice. I love goldfish.
  10. Sounds like a lepoard. Did you get my private message?
  11. HI Betta girl, your fish a a blue turquoise and only a young one at that. He looks in pretty good condition to me and doesn't look as if he has worms. I could write an essay right now on keeping and caring for discus but I would suggest you find a discus forum to have a good good look at as these guys do require A LOT of work. Is that a bala shark in there with him??? Discus really do need to be kept in a group of at least 4 for them to be happy and at a temp of 28 plus ( i keep mine an nothing lower than 30) At lower temps they have a greater chance of falling ill. For your fellow to continue to stay in the good condition it is and continue growing you will need to feed him 4-6 times a day and with that much food chances of ammonia spikes are very high so water changes need to be very frequent. I do nothing less than 33% 3 times a week. Once they are fully grown then you don't feed as much. That will do for now and please do all the research you can. Discus are truely a magnificent fish, my favourite.
  12. Duh, I never thought of removing the driftwood I might give that a try, thanks How are they going?
  13. I love pandas but have never been able to keep them alive. Maybe I won't hassle with the eggs I can't be bothered scraping that many eggs off the glass and the driftwood and the filters and everywhere else they have put them( I'm terrible aren't I) They are in my discus tank with a ph of 6 and temp of 30 I thought they needed cooler water to breed. Anyway they must be happy enough. Good luck with the pandas Mike
  14. I have albino cories in one of my discus tanks and they are laying eggs everywhere every day. I am not sure how to go about getting them to hatch. Anyone had cory eggs hatch and survive in a community tank?
  15. I did read that they can actually cause a seconsdary infection so a course of metro should be used. If he is not looking like making it maybe it is worth a shot?
  16. I would be taking the gravel out and running a bare bottom that way you can see them all and suck them up straight away. If they are living in your gravel then you would think they would be laying eggs in there as well. They are UUUUUUGLY
  17. I have had this with my discus and I also have seen them many times in pics on discus forum. Big L poultry and pig wormer at 1ml per 7 litres and repeated after 7 days
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    I wouldn't say I am overstocked. There are 8 discus in there 2 full size and the rest are only young. I have some harlequins cories a small gohst knife and 2 whiptailsan 4 bristlenose 2 huge and 2 small. I am very fussy with the cleaning of the tanks as I know discus demand it. There really is no signs of anything else. I will take a couple of the young ones out and see if that makes a difference as 2 were only added about a week ago. Oh and it is 450 litre, minimum gravel, driftwood and plants. There are a couple spawning and 2 males are after the same female so it could be a little bit of stress.
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    Thanks girls, that puts my mind at rest a little.No nitrite or ammonia spike they are both reading 0. I added 2 extra airstones and that seemed to help with some of the fish. Not all of them are doing it. The nitrite levels wouldn't have been that high for long as I do test very regularly and water change 3 times a week. I did clean out one of the canister filters on the weekend and change the wool so I don't know if that could have added to the problem. I thought maybe gill fluke but I am hesitant to add meds 'just incase' They look sooooooooo good, colours are brilliant and fins are held high. One of my girls was laying eggs last night so maybe I am more worried about it than they are. I just wasn't sure about how high is too high with the nitrate reading. The new layout of the forum looks great. I love jumping in and seeing alll the new pics on the front page.
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