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  1. Bettarazzi

    Any earth eater breeders ?

    Hello from Melbourne. Thanks for the pics! Tank looks awesome. You need a little person standing next to it to give us a sense of scale. This forum has had a predominance of betta keepers on it but most of us keep or are interested in other fish. After all, every betta breeder needs a monster fish to dispatch the ugly ones lol. We encourage discussion on any species. In the Coffee Shop forum people discuss whatever the hell they like. Well... we try to avoid hugely controversial topics.
  2. Bettarazzi

    Any earth eater breeders ?

    I haven't kept geos. They are beautiful fish but probably too big for my setup. Largest tank I have is a 3 foot 😄 Would love to see a pic of your 6x2x2. A tank that size would take up half my fish room hahaha.
  3. Bettarazzi

    Wild b.Splendens Male x Feral b.Splendens Female

    That’s really interesting. I didn’t realise that about Brisbane tap water.
  4. Bettarazzi

    Wild b.Splendens Male x Feral b.Splendens Female

    Yay for crown tails. Need more self-bred crowntails in the shows.
  5. Bettarazzi

    Red Cambodian pair

    I seem to have a few swim bladder issues among the larger fry. And there is a huge range of sizes. I’ve been adding green water occasionally to help the smaller ones. I forgot to log when I moved them from the unfiltered 8 litre spawn tank to a 10 litre with sponge filter. Not that it’s a huge difference. I’ve been doing water changes twice a day. In the morning before work and when I get home. That’s also when I feed them. I’m going to move them into a 2 foot tank in the next few days. AND I still don’t have pics of the parents or the fry!
  6. Bettarazzi

    Growing adult brine shrimp experiment

    Ugh! The recent rains in Melbourne diluted the bucket and and cold weather killed off any remaining brine shrimp. I'll have to start again.
  7. Bettarazzi

    Wild b.Splendens Male x Feral b.Splendens Female

    30 is a reasonable number to raise. Do some longfin halfmoon spawns goddammit! hahahahaha
  8. Bettarazzi


    Hi plippy. Welcome to the forum. We’re you at the Victoria Betta Show this weekend? They sound like great little tanks you’ve got there. Just be careful with introducing a betta to your shrimp tank. Bettas would see shrimps as food and even if they aren’t able to take a whole one, they will often take nips at legs and feelers.
  9. Bettarazzi

    Hi, some advice please?

    Hi ganaM. I think the problem is that the fish food doesn’t break down in a controlled way. But I would expect a week to be about right for a tank to cycle. Using substrate and filter media from established tanks will also have sped up the process. Check the nitrates. I think you’ll find you’re good to go. Of course things can change once you add fish. So I would continue taking readings and doing partial water changes after the fish are added. What species of fish will you be adding?
  10. A couple of years ago one of the guest speakers at the Aquarium Society of Victoria mentioned that after harvesting from his bbs hatcher he didn’t chuck out the remnants. Instead he would put all the leftovers, unhatched eggs, the salt water that had been strained into a container outdoors. This was how he grew adult brine shrimp. So I tried it too but only halfheartedly and of course didn’t succeed. Now I was talking to Jan Kleyn yesterday and he was at the same talk and he also tried it but he did succeed. So I’m going to try again. This time I’m putting the bucket by the laundry door where it will be a little closer and I’m more likely to remember it’s there. I’m just using a 10 litre bucket. Apparently Jan never fed them or did anything other than top up with fresh water when the water level dropped from evaporation. Let’s see what happens.
  11. Bettarazzi

    Wild b.Splendens Male x Feral b.Splendens Female

    Betta emoji!! I’d forgotten about them! Interesting that the fry are smaller. Good luck with the fry numbers. Got some green water for them?
  12. Hmm I wonder if it’s just a matter of relinking? I’ll need to take a closer look.
  13. Bettarazzi

    Wild b.Splendens Male x Feral b.Splendens Female

    I didn’t have vinegar eels. It was probably a mistake. I will have to get myself more organised for the next spawn.
  14. Bettarazzi

    Red Cambodian pair

    The fry numbers seem to have dropped a lot. I didn’t have as much plant matter as I usually do so I think there simply weren’t enough micro organisms for them. And I think I might be overfeeding with bbs and need to do more water changes. I feel I’m being so clumsy with this spawn. I really wasn’t quite ready for it. But the fish were ready so whatcha gonna do, eh?
  15. Bettarazzi


    There will be other events. Usually 2 big show/auction events a year. Although this we’ve only done one.