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  1. Figure_8

    Not Flaring?

    there's some mornings when I feel like that too :)
  2. Figure_8

    Not Flaring?

    is he eating normally, swimming normally, have clamped fins or otherwise looking ill?
  3. :) dropsy is pretty much always fatal. There have been some who have had success with it, but not many. I think a lot of that stems from the fact that dropsy is actually a resultant symptom of something else rather than a disease/illness of its own - in your case probably a bacterial infection going by the red patch - which has caused the internal organs of the fish to begin shutting down, which causes dropsy.
  4. its really hard to give an opinion without a photo... is there any chance of a pic?
  5. Thats really odd! is the colour actually showing in her eyeball itself also? If it is and its not always been there (its hard to tell from the first photo) I'd be thinking infection of some kind but if not while very odd the colour change of the head isn't really screaming infection/problem at me. I'm with Lilli & Bender... a closer shot would be great
  6. Hi and welcome! There are a few people who keep marines here I believe there are a few members of the Perth Cichlid Society floating around also Razzi
  7. to those members that reported the recent bout of spam on the boards thank you. Very much appreciated!
  8. Figure_8

    Hi guys!

    its not my fault you have flouro cheese and sweet mustard pickles on your burgers! There should be a warning label or something...
  9. Hi Jody, welcome to AusAqua What betta's are you currently breeding?
  10. Only towards myself. I was just a very tired Lissa with watery eyes and feeling very old and unhappy about it lol I like your sig & thanks for the size alterations :)
  11. Hi Stefan, I wanted to answer you, but I'm a little on the sleepy side and my eyes are doing the whole "your tired and I'm just not going to function correctly until you go to sleep" thing and reading text is a slight issue in their watery state, so I've just quoted the size restriction from the first post of the thread so you are able to check it with your young and hopefully non-tired eyes sleep deep peoples zzzzzzzzzz
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