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  1. They are looking fantastic! The colour has improved a lot since they left me Have fun with them :D
  2. What is this? All that fancy photographic equipment and no avatar!? Welcome to the funhouse Tim!
  3. Please check the regulations with this. Most mangroves are protected areas due to the number of fish and other species that use them for breeding. I'm pretty sure in NSW you need a hard-to-obtain permit to collect from there (but hey, we can't even legally take shells from the beach anymore), and I wouldn't want to see anyone in trouble for this. :fish:
  4. I have heard of people keeping cherries and chameleons together, and apparently they become quite difficult to tell apart except for the while dorsal stripe. Not sure about CRS, but I expect that they'd be fine too as people keep them with cherries. The only one I've heard people concerned about is CRS and CBS, so hopefully someone with more shrimp experience could give you the lowdown on that combo I personally wouldn't try with betta. Having tried ghost shrimp and seen them become a tasty snack, I'd say you'd lose a lot of shrimp that way. I have cherries with microrasboras and even then
  5. Hi Kimmick, Welcome aboard! We have a few people working on HM and HMPK in Sydney :-) It all depends on what you are after ;-)
  6. The lack of underlining is a known issue and is a class issue. I can give you underlining, but it underlines EVERY LINK, including buttons and forum names, the lot. Yes it is a problem, and yes we are aware of it, but right now I can't fix it quickly. If it is a huge problem, switch your theme to "AusAqua2.2.0" for the time being. I understand the frustration, it annoys me too, but I can't take care of it just yet. The youtube issue puzzles me as I thought we had it as a button AND enabled, but never mind, I'll look into it. It could have been flipped off recently due to the spm issue. I be
  7. Callatya

    Giant Guppy

    :) love the photoshop chopjob!
  8. I think Auburn has then, but I'm not sure if they are for sale or display. It might be worth a phone call though. :)
  9. What does the tank look like and how much light does it get? Humidity is unlikely to be a problem, but you will need low light tropical and preferably ones that can handle being anchored or can float as it is tricky to do gravel in spawn tanks.
  10. I think that they should be fine to treat as ordinary driftwood. You might want to clean them off and soak them a bit to remove as much salt as possible.
  11. We are working on stopping this happening before it happens B) Fingers crossed we'll be back to regularly scheduled programming by Monday :D
  12. I have it in one of mine, and none of the others, it is quite odd. I've gotten rid of it before by manual removal and bleaching, but that is a bit extreme. Not really sure what to suggest other than manual removal, big water changes and no light.
  13. I ripped my tank apart when I had that, and it really was pretty unkillable. I baked the sand, I bleached the filter, I tossed the organic stuff, and it just sprang back. The bleached white stuff turned green again! I ended up going with no plants, massive manual removal and sunning the contents of the tank for a while. I also tried crossing my fingers (read: gave up hope of an algae-free tank). I'm not sure if it was the SAE, the BN or the crabs, but something in the tank too care of it. Absolute pits to deal with though, very best of luck!
  14. Thanks to the people that pulled up those spam posts today! much appreciated :)
  15. Oh, he's quite adorable. Is he from a doubletail spawn?
  16. Why not just use a different filter? Something air-driven in that size tank should be fine. Maybe the Penn Plax Smallworld filter would work? If you can find one, an undergravel filter suitable for bowls should fit and would keep the water parameters nice and stable by turning the gravel bed into one big biofilter. You could even run the UGF and the Smallworld off the one pump if you wanted to cover your bases. Other than a betta, what about killifish? 5L is not much and upright is not ideal, but I have a pair in a 6L tank and they seem quite content with the arrangement I think most o
  17. A piece of tulle and some tablecloth weights Ohhh, this is bringing back memories of that outdoor breeding setup and the pot plant filters. But for the ice cold Sydney winters, that might have been a very interesting system indeed. Anyway, quite off-topic! What about using marginal/bog plants? I'm just thinking that stem plants will be a hassle for pumps and might not cope so well with being put outside in winter (should be fine if they transition through autumn or were outdoors to start with), and the quantity of lucky bamboo you'd need to equal the nitrate-sucking capabilities of stan
  18. Callatya


    Hey Mon! Great to meet you It is way too easy to fall in love with bettas, they are seriously adorable Can you pop your location in your profile? thanks :(
  19. I can't seem to get rid of these things and they are sucking my little banana lillies dry. I think they came in on some azolla that I had growing outside in tubs, and they've just multiplied like mad with all the surface area and succulent plants. I've been dunking the leaves, but they stay attached. I've been dunking and scraping them off, but they just float to some other part of a plant that is sticking out. I'm about ready to drag all of the lillies out of the tank, stuff them in a bucket and douse them in white oil or something. I've had enough of these little devils! Phil suggeste
  20. They make inline heaters for canisters, I think. I'm sure I've read something on it somewhere. Ahh, here are some: LINK. Not as cool as an all in one, but suitable for the more *cough* relaxed fishkeeper. The big question Peter, would you do it again? Is it working out well for you?
  21. Looking good! I'm interested to know how you find the algae issues in this system over time. A few of the ones I've seen end up getting blocked tubing, and it would be wonderful to find a way around that. I've been toying with the idea of feeding ports in the dripper plumbing, though it would limit the type of food that could be fed, it beats feeding every fish individually every day. Not sure how practical is is though, but it would be wonderful if it worked!
  22. Yes, I'm not quite following why you need the plastic canvas either. Is it to stop the food clogging up the sponge?
  23. Oh dear! What a calamity! Shouldn't be a problem with the girl Bender, just let us know what you are after and we'll put one aside.
  24. I believe you are supposed to take them to special collection places. Your local council or waste management centre should be able to help. Where I live, we have collection points during the year and a special place at the tip, but it is such a colossal hassle I just store them in the garage until I get a big collection to make it worthwhile. The tip and the collection points are not really close enough to warrant a trip for a single tube :(
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