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  1. Welcome, always good to see more Cairns people. Najina and Pat
  2. Hate to say this but I think Luna is a boy. I think Hidie and Gus would make a lovely pair. Najina
  3. Wow how exciting. Good luck with your new shop. :D
  4. That colour is stunning, I don't think I have ever seen anything like it before. It's the mask that makes it just pop out at you. Really lovely looking fish. Najina
  5. :balloons: Happy Birthday Lilli :woohoo:
  6. As one of the old "cough, cough" members here I have to say that I still love this forum. While I do not get much chance to post here as life has gotten in the way I am in still amazed at what a lovely community we have here. It really is the only forum I now visit. I also know what huge battle the girls had to overcome to get this up and running. I don't think any of them envisioned what this place has now become. Well done to all the girls. Can not really add to what has already been said but just really wanted to thank you for all you have already done. Cheers, Najina
  7. Congratulations Brett. What a beautiful baby and a really lovely name. Najina
  8. Just got your message. A big congratulations from Pat and myself. Cooper is a lovely name, and a beautiful boy as well. For those who do not know this is Tara's fourth child, a real superstar or should I say supermum lol. Cheers, Najina
  9. omg, omg, omg, you got married! I never even knew that you got engaged. I go quiet on the forum for a while and look what happens. Congratulations guys I could not think of the more perfect couple than Nam and Mishy, truly one of the nicest, coolest, most fun couple I have ever meet. I would love to see some close up and clear (sorry starwing) pic's. Cheers, Najina P.S Who's Daryl and the new kids, what the????
  10. Thanks guys. It's my B'day not Patricks just incase you were wondering. Cheers, Najina
  11. Another Cairns person here. Welcome to AusAqua I'm sure you will love it here. Najina
  12. najrick

    Hi all

    Hi all, We'll we've been away for a while due to a major move. We're finally settled into Cairns and now that family and work have almost hit a routine we've got some free time. Not much we might add but hopefully enough to try our hand at bettas again. We've tried to visit as much as possible but we've been quiet. Apolgies but sometimes life steps in the way. We've noticed quite a few new faces around which is great to see. So a big "hi again" to everyone. Cheers, Pat and Najina
  13. This is the same fish 2 weeks apart.
  14. What a stunner. Great find. He even has cute little blue pectorals. Do you have a girlfriend for him? Najina
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