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  1. Hi all check the classifieds for the for sale thread and pics of HM females
  2. Welcome fellow Perth'ite!
  3. Hi all I have 20 or so left all looking very good and healthy I have jared a few of the boys, i am keeping 3-4 of them, and selling the rest. So if anyone is looking for HM females, holla at me......i promise i will take some pics this week or early nexxt to show u guys :)
  4. Notorious

    Hey all

    Hiya I am from perth also =) I have some half moon females for sale if u are looking :)
  5. not this time round but will want a shipment soon
  6. Notorious


    Welcome! I will have some great HM females to sell in about 1 month they are 3 months old atmo
  7. I will post some pics in the coming weeks really strange colours, some purples (none of the parents had purple in them) are purples rare? some metalic'y looking I mated a Black orchid CT sibling too and one of their fry seems to be white !?! what the??
  8. Most have died waaaaaaaaa apart from 20 these are the strong/larger fish
  9. cheers I leave the light off during the day as they get second hand sun a few have died, think im left with 60 fry velvet seems to be disapearing which is great
  10. Great thanks everyone! Also should i change/or clean the corner sponge filter? Also, they are 2 months old what should i feed them? i still feed BBS once a day and the second meal is chopped up bloodworms any other suggestions?
  11. I changed the water and put in half dose of the previous medication the water is green like Lime cordial, is this normal? HELP! also should I put in some salt orr?
  12. My LFS has this one is it any good? http://www.aquaticlifeaquariums.com.au/index1.html
  13. ****! can I treat the whole tank with healthy fish too? BBS in pics will treat them asap
  14. cheers here are some pics, help is appreciated! now some healthy ones Where they are getting their red from i dont know bigger pic
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