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  1. Callatya

    My New CallaLilli Bettas!

    That little devil!!
  2. Callatya

    My New CallaLilli Bettas!

    They are looking fantastic! The colour has improved a lot since they left me Have fun with them :D
  3. Callatya

    The 1st Step

    What is this? All that fancy photographic equipment and no avatar!? Welcome to the funhouse Tim!
  4. Callatya

    magrove roots

    Please check the regulations with this. Most mangroves are protected areas due to the number of fish and other species that use them for breeding. I'm pretty sure in NSW you need a hard-to-obtain permit to collect from there (but hey, we can't even legally take shells from the beach anymore), and I wouldn't want to see anyone in trouble for this. :fish:
  5. Callatya

    Shrimp, can you combine varieties?

    I have heard of people keeping cherries and chameleons together, and apparently they become quite difficult to tell apart except for the while dorsal stripe. Not sure about CRS, but I expect that they'd be fine too as people keep them with cherries. The only one I've heard people concerned about is CRS and CBS, so hopefully someone with more shrimp experience could give you the lowdown on that combo I personally wouldn't try with betta. Having tried ghost shrimp and seen them become a tasty snack, I'd say you'd lose a lot of shrimp that way. I have cherries with microrasboras and even then I think they can take out the babies and juveniles without too much hassle. A betta could easily take out an adult. It could be doable if you had a lot of cover and a high population, but I wouldn't start out that way. I'd also go for a betta that is a bit docile, and preferably a bit small to limit the damage to your adult population You *might* be able to get away with young macro shrimp and bettas, but you should go into it assuming the bettas will be sacrificial. You guys in QLD get M. australiensis as feeder shrimp over summer, so that'd be doable. They are good hunters and they can swim/move forward as opposed to cray who climb and shoot backwards, so as soon as they are big enough to hunt bettas, it would be tricky to prevent it. That being said, they show up as small as glass shrimp, so I'd say you could get several moults out of them before that would be a concern. Maybe check with Dave at Aquagreen and see if M. bullatum would work for you. I believe they max out a bit smaller so that could be an option in a larger tank. If you can find them (and if you can, TELL ME!) riffle shrimp would be an option. They are larger shrimp that filter feed, like bamboo shrimp (which I'm pretty sure we can't get here, pity!) so the bettas couldn't eat them and they would have no interest in hunting.
  6. Callatya

    hello from sydney

    Hi Kimmick, Welcome aboard! We have a few people working on HM and HMPK in Sydney :-) It all depends on what you are after ;-)
  7. Callatya

    September SBG

    Thank you all for a lovely evening :-) I am thoroughly smitten with Ricky's new rack, the tanks were immaculate, the food was yummy, and the raffle was a heap of fun! Looking forward to the next one!
  8. Callatya

    September SBG

    If anyone needs fish from me, please let me know soon as I've got lots of bagging to do!
  9. Callatya

    Links and Tags

    The lack of underlining is a known issue and is a class issue. I can give you underlining, but it underlines EVERY LINK, including buttons and forum names, the lot. Yes it is a problem, and yes we are aware of it, but right now I can't fix it quickly. If it is a huge problem, switch your theme to "AusAqua2.2.0" for the time being. I understand the frustration, it annoys me too, but I can't take care of it just yet. The youtube issue puzzles me as I thought we had it as a button AND enabled, but never mind, I'll look into it. It could have been flipped off recently due to the spm issue. I believe it is included in the last full upgrade anyway, so it is going to happen shortly.
  10. Callatya

    Cold Water Betta's

    Maybe plakats over summer? Might need to overwinter them inside, but if you get some that are of the arena type rather than show type, I've always found them to be tough as old boots.
  11. Callatya

    Cold Water Betta's

    Maybe paradise fish might be an option? Phil had those in a pond in Sydney over winter and they did fine. I'd be more inclined to go with natives myself, just because they'll be perfectly adjusted to the weather and if they get scooped up by a bird they won't greatly impact local fish populations. :rant:
  12. Callatya

    Giant Guppy

    :) love the photoshop chopjob!
  13. I think Auburn has then, but I'm not sure if they are for sale or display. It might be worth a phone call though. :)
  14. Callatya

    Beware The Rosetail

    For now :giggle:
  15. What does the tank look like and how much light does it get? Humidity is unlikely to be a problem, but you will need low light tropical and preferably ones that can handle being anchored or can float as it is tricky to do gravel in spawn tanks.