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    All types of craft and art, crochet and painting are the most constant. Animals in gereral, I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a cockateil and numerous fish that keep me occupied. I crave knowledge and spend a good deal of time just researching and learning online.
    I would like to develope my own betta lines, tho that is probably a way off yet!

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  1. This is great guys! It's a nice clean look, easy to read and navigate. While in general I hate adds, I am very glad you have added them, I know it helps pay for the site. Congratulations on a new era for AusAqua!
  2. I saw this tank on Tuesday, it looks fantastic! So sad about the shrimp Cassi, they did look nice hanging in the plants. They should be ok in the new tank, they love the java moss, drift wood seems to hold there attention too, when yours needs a cleaning you could drop it in. Its good you have one definite female, your sure to have plenty in next to no time.
  3. Lol! Nice Jungle! I have endler like guppies in my mut mix, sorry Cassi, not real endlers, most definitely hybrids. I have actually been surprised at how persistent the endler markings are, even the ice blue dorsal shows up, but the size I think is the give away. You get some interesting mixes, but I love the yellow snake-skin variations they throw.
  4. What type of guppy have you got? Don't forget there is a BBG tomorrow, someone there may want to buy from you if they are pretty, or perhaps they'd have something you want to swap for.
  5. Yes this was posted already, but as it was in the introductions it didn't get any response. I advised de_brequet that they may get a better response here as plant people are likely to be checking this section.
  6. Bender


    Are these fry Asil? Just a stab in the dark here, but it sounds like you have half-black's, see here for some photo's.
  7. Perhaps you could do a combined shipment to coincide with the next MBG and split the costs of shipping with some other members? All the best in your hunt!
  8. Java moss is the easiest to keep alive. It goes dark green and thread like if it doesn't have much light, but it doesn't die. It also has a higher temperature tollerance than other mosses, so it will continue to grow in the 28+ degrees (sorry don't know farenheit) of a breeding tank. That being said, I prefer the look of christmass moss!
  9. Hi there! Welcome to the forum. In general betta are best of alone, but there are always exceptions to the rules. I have had a female hapily share a tank with barbs, but they are not supposed to be put together at all. If you post in the 'community tank section, you are likely to get more responses to your question as not everyone checks the introductions regularly (me included )
  10. Hi Kandee! As Lilli said, someone will ship to you, but if you can it is definitely worth the taking the trip down to Annerly and having a look for yourself. We have a BBG (brisbane betta gathering) comming up in March, hopefully you will be able to make it down for that as you'll get to pick the brains of other breeders and pick up some live food cultures.
  11. Hi Troy, and welcome. This ia a great forum for learning. Check out all the sections under Betta Specific forums, especially 'Spawn Talk'. In ' The Gene Pool' you'll find a lot of spawn logs, where members have tracked their spawns, what they did right and wrong. These are definitely worth reading through, especially logs by members who have been around a long time (like Lilli the forum Admin) and those from members in your area as there water conditions will be closest to your own. Where are you btw? Could you please add your location in your profile info? It is definitely helpful
  12. Your alowed to be upset, I would be too, but I hope you feel better soon. Very glad Daren dropped in (waves to Daren), his avatar is his bluegrass, I'm sure he'll point you in the right direction. another just incase.
  13. Hi William, welcome to the forum!
  14. Wow Jalepeno, you must be reading heaps, this post is way old. They are pretty funny creatures, I think having eyes that go in two different directions would give you a very different understanding of the world! Actually I'm really very glad you revived this, I had a snail question I didn't know where to put, now I can tack it on here. (see end of reply) My snail turned out to be a girl too Lyarlla. She laid eggs but I accidentaly sent them moldy (mouldy?) by topping up the tank she was in. I hope yours do better. *giggle* I didn't think of the fridge Brad! I do love my snails, mystery snai
  15. Hi Paul. I think a picture would be a good idea. You will need to use a photo hosting site like photo bucket for your pic's. After you have uploaded them it is simply a matter clicking the 'insert image icon' and copying in the url to embed the photo. There is a topic on how to put in photo's, I think it's in the technical support forum.
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