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    All types of craft and art, crochet and painting are the most constant. Animals in gereral, I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a cockateil and numerous fish that keep me occupied. I crave knowledge and spend a good deal of time just researching and learning online.
    I would like to develope my own betta lines, tho that is probably a way off yet!

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  1. I was just checking out the QFAS calender for upcoming events and noticed that the Gold Coast Aquarium Society has an auction scheduled for October. There is no set day yet, but I thought the people living closer to the coast might not know about this society so here is a link! If it's on a day I can make it, I for one would be happy to come to the coast to support anyone who would like to go to the auction!
  2. Bender


    That was hemorrhagic septicemia, and it can be very fast. Another member found he only needed to treat visibly affected fish, not the whole tank as I did. The treatment is quarantine and strong antibiotic doses. I'll try find the links and get back here asap. Ok, it was XShadow who had the latest case. It was in fry and is very easy to spot as they are nearly clear when young. here is the link to his case. Tetracycline seams to do the trick, do you have any? A fish store and even some pet stores stock it normally. Otherwise maybe someone close to you has some to spare.
  3. Sorry I have no concrete advice either. Swim bladder disorder can leave a fish acting 'heavy' or 'floaty'. What foods have you been feeding? anything live? I'd also double check the temp with a thermometer(you probably already did but just covering all bases) just in case the heater is not working properly or is not keeping up with the overnight winter temperatures. Cold fish can get sulky and stick to the bottom too. If you've checked everything you can and nothing is out of whack, I'd just make sure the water is low enough that she can get to the top and keep an eye on her for further developments.
  4. This is great guys! It's a nice clean look, easy to read and navigate. While in general I hate adds, I am very glad you have added them, I know it helps pay for the site. Congratulations on a new era for AusAqua!
  5. Sounds like you all did well! I'm looking forward to the next auction, Scott has promised to be a runner, so you won't have to work so hard next time Peter.
  6. So, did anyone make it? I was sick so I didn't make it, but Hubby and Daughter went along as planned. They didn't recognise anyone at someone's and waited at Macca's till 4, but didn't see anyone else there either. We wonder if anyone new had come and they didn't recognise you? Or maybe more people met up at the auctions? Did you buy much Cassi? It was not a total wash out for DD, she bought a new fish, her first long fin half moon (mine too if you count being his full time carer as part ownership). Thank you someone! We used the rocks, moss and plants we had sent along to the BBG to decorate his tank, and he is one happy fishy! He has marked a new milestone in our fish family, we've spilled over into another room!
  7. Yay Cassi! Glad you can make it, wouldn't be the same without you! I'll be there at the someone's and Macdonalds, but going to give the auctions a miss, I have so many wants and so little cash it would be disastrous! Scott is a little disappointed as he wanted to be a runner, so I guess we will be going to the next one. Sorry you can't make it again Charlie, not nice being sick, worse when you have others to care for as well, sending you :)
  8. Ok, just read through all the posts, very sorry I didn't get back to everyone sooner. Shame about the cafe, but thanks to those that let us know it was so small. I think you have everything quite in order Cassi, we'll aim for something more substantial next time! I can bring VE cultures if anyone needs them, but please let me know soon as mine haven't been used for a while are in need of maintenance.
  9. I saw this tank on Tuesday, it looks fantastic! So sad about the shrimp Cassi, they did look nice hanging in the plants. They should be ok in the new tank, they love the java moss, drift wood seems to hold there attention too, when yours needs a cleaning you could drop it in. Its good you have one definite female, your sure to have plenty in next to no time.
  10. It was free, I think they figured we'd make use of the cafe, but they didn't really care.
  11. We could use my house, but I was actually thinking of checking out the cafe upstairs from Jodies, has anyone been there? The other option could be to book the party room ourselves. We did book it for the first BBG, but then decided to have it at Jodies. The staff were really happy with the idea, I think it got them out of screaming kids for a few hours, and even offered coffee vouchers for us. Saturday afternoon is peak party time though, so we'd need to book soon.
  12. Bender

    Endler Experiments

    Lol! Nice Jungle! I have endler like guppies in my mut mix, sorry Cassi, not real endlers, most definitely hybrids. I have actually been surprised at how persistent the endler markings are, even the ice blue dorsal shows up, but the size I think is the give away. You get some interesting mixes, but I love the yellow snake-skin variations they throw.
  13. I like your shrimp tank Cassi! I'm quite happy your camera stayed in the car, but it's nice to see your purchase photos. I can't believe you managed to stay till 1am Peta, guess you'll just have to put that big tank into action now you have the water lily. Thank you for the fishies, they are doing great. It's funny though, the black girl, Amy, was red this morning! She is beautiful, so I am happy. As for those who stayed later, what else did you buy? Did any white worms get put up? How about corydoras? My girl got a new fish at Jodie's, a stunning crowntail I am falling for, I'd forgot how frisky they are. (He's called 'Mr Frilly' a name Jody used to describe him and it stuck) We had to pull out fairly early in the evening, the auctions were not entertaining enough for my little girl. Still we got a few little bargains, and had a nice time. My girl bought a $4 bag of duckweed with shrimp, and was enthralled to find she had eight when we released them into the tank. I bought a few plants, floating types for the fry tanks. Was great to see so many new faces, and lovely to catch up with everyone else, I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.
  14. Sounds good, but lets meet somewhere other than Macca's, that was ear-splitting!
  15. What type of guppy have you got? Don't forget there is a BBG tomorrow, someone there may want to buy from you if they are pretty, or perhaps they'd have something you want to swap for.
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