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  1. Sarah

    happy Birthday!

  2. OHH wow they are stunning!! I had a pair of green snows but they had more of the pink tone vs the MG .. I was very sad the day I got told that my Snow green boy had 'jumped' ship while i was away at work (first and only jumper!)
  3. Sorry I didn't make it Kandee if you still interested in the girls I had left over from that spawn let me know - we can always arrange something else for collection/drop off/pick up. I'm currently in the mindset of downsizing my fishy collection and selling everything off. So look out for my classified posts when I get my butt into gear LOL
  4. I don't have any of the black dragon spawn left ... but do have their 'step' spawn (same daddy different mummy haha) and have still about 7 girls for that one - Was Blue HM mum, the boys two boys I kept to sprouting stage both turned into HM's, one even being a black Butterfly (so pretty) not sure about the other boy who Kristin took home ... Anyways - if you're interested spawn thread... http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=9121&hl=
  5. ohh the Arctic sea pair are just way to cute...
  6. not sure myself, I found a baby in my red Chile guppies that had a crocked spine - and that's from the first ever spawn in my tank... .. I caught him the other day and threw him in as snack to my betta males tank, seems he might be to fast for snack food, saw that he was still in there hiding in the java moss tonight.
  7. how do you have the tank set up - is there something for him to build a nest under??? And as Paul said - sometimes males might not make nest until they are actually in the act ... but yeah a bit more info could give us a better idea on 'why' he isn't building one...
  8. Thanks girls - had a nice quite day of packing and collecting boxes!! ROFL - we're moving on the 17th... to a house with a great space for a fish room hehe :D
  9. actually Cassi - pepermints went CRAZY as the night wore on - specially when there was a female involved
  10. Peta

    Injured Girl

    I'm no expert but sounds to me like maybe she popped from having having to many egg's..... Was she overly round before hand? And I don't really know what to say in regards to treatment out then to say if she was my fish I think I'd be treating her with clean water, salt and metafix Cassi (Fighters4U) I know has had a female pop before - maybe send her a pm her and ask what she did for her girl...
  11. Hey Amber did you end up getting that round drift wood piece that we where both waiting for?? I gave up and just couldn't be bothered waiting any longer (that and the fact that the boy showed up out of the blue - I guess he got tired waiting for me to ring and say i wanted to be picked up!) Its so sad in the spare room now - there is a wall of empty bennie boxes and no fish in there I evicted the last baby from the grow out tank yesterday - and the shrimps have now made it their home.
  12. I've actually achieved this With a cross between a black dragon PK and a blue HM here's my post with my boy in it.... http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?act=fin...&pid=102983 It's a pity you're not up closer, as I have potentially another three of these guys... (just have to take them out of the grow out tank and card them to get them to sprout their fins fully) and will most likely be selling them off when they are fuller finned. :(
  13. glad to see he isn't sulking!!! Haha! He is a stunner! Julie - crap I really should have marked the black ones! Guess the reds kind of washed out so with the black ribbing they where mistaken for blacks.... *doh* Maybe though she'd be a good match then for Red?! - and who knows could get throw back blacks as they do have the black gene from their parents...
  14. haha I gave in at 1am - Amber (Kandee) and Daren (Darenkj) where still there when I left... but not sure if Daren was still awake or not! next time I go to an auction someone please stop from buying random 'odd' things.... WHY I brought a HUGE water lillie is still perplexing to me.... and the two bag's of shrimp... didn't really think that one through very well!! HAHA Thanks everyone who took home one of my babies - hope they all settle in really well. I managed to come home without ANY of them! (Gave the last few to a random couple at the Auction when I was leaving as they had brought two betta's during the auction and I thought they might like some extras hehe) I swear last night I had dreams about albino/orange spot/peppermint/common/long fined/short fined bristlenose's.... ohh no wait that wasn't a dream.... omg those things where NUTS at the auction. The highlight though - other then meeting and catching up with everyone - had to be the BAT! Some poor Bat flew into the auditorium towards the end of the night and got 'stuck' for awhile doing laps of the place.... we all applauded when he finally found his way back out! The auctions where very interesting. Telling by the auctioneers reactions there was a lot of stuff going EXTREMELY cheap and they where surprised when things didn't sell and had to be passed in. Was also surprised there wasn't any guppies until right at the end - and then they where just 'mixed' bags of males / females - no fancy types ... and as far as I know there was only the 3 Betta's and they sold for a pittance ($7 for a Turquoise HM boy!) - makes you wonder if they had of been placed earlier in the night if they would have sold for more...
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