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  1. Sarah

    happy Birthday!

  2. OHH wow they are stunning!! I had a pair of green snows but they had more of the pink tone vs the MG .. I was very sad the day I got told that my Snow green boy had 'jumped' ship while i was away at work (first and only jumper!)
  3. ohh the Arctic sea pair are just way to cute...
  4. not sure myself, I found a baby in my red Chile guppies that had a crocked spine - and that's from the first ever spawn in my tank... .. I caught him the other day and threw him in as snack to my betta males tank, seems he might be to fast for snack food, saw that he was still in there hiding in the java moss tonight.
  5. Thanks girls - had a nice quite day of packing and collecting boxes!! ROFL - we're moving on the 17th... to a house with a great space for a fish room hehe :D
  6. actually Cassi - pepermints went CRAZY as the night wore on - specially when there was a female involved
  7. actually, I'd put it more down to the good lighting you have set up with all the tanks vs. simply the camera for good photos as that's all ways the one thing I say when anyone ask's me about getting good photos of their fish - you need good lighting! (and most fish rooms are on the 'dark' side so not very good for lighting!) .... Your boys are all totally cute Becki!
  8. my guppies just stay in the tank all together... I read that it wasn't necessary to separate them so I never have and I have HEAPS of them! So I reckon you should be fine to put them in!
  9. Peta

    My Guppies...

    :) true ... I'm just lucky I have one MASSIVE tank, one 80L tank and 5 2ft tanks sitting empty still .. so plenty of tanks for the guppies to take over Might even look at getting another variety of Guppies from J.L :)
  10. Peta

    My Guppies...

    Yeah they came from J.L. might have to ask her if she can remember what they where LOL I've done some research and am leaning towards mosaic's over grass - not that I really care what they are it's more so for when / if I go to pass some on to others. I might just have to take the laptop into the fish room and sit and compare the photos to the fish themselves. Have two baby boys that would be the size of dad when I got him so might move them into their own tank with lady friends LOL
  11. Peta

    My Guppies...

    :) yeah as the babies themselves are also up the duff. The boys so far have been the same colour and style of daddy.
  12. Peta

    My Guppies...

    Got these guys from Jodie - from memory they where 'Blue Metalic" but that's about all I remember... Anyone got any idea's on any other classification for them? They are quite good little breaders hehe certainly getting rather full in their! Thinking a second tank might need to be on the cards in a month or so!
  13. where as my experience of 5-6 girls in a 2ft (ish) tank was that they might not have killed each other - but they certainly did beat each other up. Just thought I would mention it as I'm sure my old posts have long gone by now... I'd definitely look into the mixed tank (no suggestions on what as I don't have any knowledge in that field) If you're close by Jodie's shop at annerly, you can go have a look in there, she actually has betta's in tanks with other species of fish so that would give you a good idea on what other's you can mix her in with...
  14. ohhh that's where he ended up - saw him on youtube - he's so cute!!!
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