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  1. thanks you two, I just cant seem to say away from betta's I got this tank to kerp the female in there but my 2footer is empty at the moment cause im doing a dry start method with HC so the male calls it home for the time being And he gets a workout in there too cause every now and then he finds the otto and cases it for a second or too so hes still lazy As fo the plants a scape Brazzi thanks i only used what i had and just seeing what plants can grow under the led light but so far the carpet plant is doing well i want to add a few different plants but need another light and co2
  2. Hi Paul, Ive tried to reply to your thread on AquariumLife but Ive been having troubles with my account and cant reply to some threads I dont know if your seen my light hood but i run 2 80mm coolmaster computer fans on my hood with temp controller its 2foot and i run 4 24w T5HO's, with all 4 lights on the temp display reads 50-60 but with the fans on full speed it quickly drops to around 25-28 my fans turn on when the lights turn on and i usualy just have 2 globes running and fans set to there slowest speed and the temp stays again to around 25-28 Inside my hood is really tight
  3. Hey all long time no see, I havnt been on here much lately since i stopped breeding and keeping bettas and have been more into the planted tank side of things but i got a pair of HM's off someone and set-up a nano tank for him
  4. Really nice fishish is the blue mustard a double tail? he looks like the one i had (in my avator pic)
  5. Im the same as you jo about grades, im learning as i go along all i know is i want a tank full of hino's lol My otto'd are pigs! there was 4-5 shrimp in one place so i just dropped a piece of Shirakura food in front of them i minute ago and i just turned my head and 3 otto's have taken over why eat algae when you can have shrimp food lol I understand what you mean about having them shipped, is there a LFS around that can order them in? I know someone has them aswell but again you would be in the same boat if they survive shipping LMAO again im the same as you, i saw the tiger shri
  6. Since its a shrimp only tank except for the otto's i think i could fit a 150-200 the filter would have no problems with the bio load cause i have a 2215 yeah ive started with all A grades 10 A grade CRS and 15 A grade CBS I think thats a good number to start off with, ill just leave them be and wait to see if they breed and hopefully ill get a large colony in there but if a decent deal for a few more crystals pops up on AL ill probably grab them lol I was told too that they dont ship well and even if they do make it you'll loose some in a week or two in the tank thats why i got 5 of
  7. I got my ottos from livefish.com and the rasboras from someone
  8. Thanks again for the kind words guys and B'razzi that would be some pricey betta food lol I seem to not be able to move away from bettas and i just went drown the street and saw a new petshop opening on friday and as i peeked in i saw alot of cube tanks (people setting up were looking at me weird maybe cause there was drool coming from my mouth lol) So my mind is allready ticking away on a design for a planted 30cm cube for a gaint HM and some cherry shrimp for him to play with HMMMM.... another DIY stand and hood Oh also just bought another 10 CBS woohoo
  9. Thank all for the nice words, here it is after i finnished planting it all filled with afew months of growth i have a few microrasbora kubotai in it with 5 ottos 10 crs and 5 cbs but in a week or 2 ill grab another 15crs and 10 cbs
  10. heres the hood almost finnished, its been painted in mdf sealer and then a few coats of primer pic to show how the fan grilles and lcd screen look once smoothed and primed the bottom painted some of the wiring and the back of the hood with vents for the heat to exit and switches for the lights also dials for fan speed it works! lol
  11. Hi all! I havnt posted on here for ages since i stopped breeding betta's but i still come on here alot to check out what you all are still doing and decided to show you what ive been up to lol I started this tank because i really like CRS and CBS shrimp and wanted to start breeding them but i also wanted a planted iwagumi layout ever since i saw one i started with the DIY'ing, if you remember my betta barracks you will remember i love to build things myself I went for a ADA style cabinet cause i like the sleek look of them here it is in MDF primer and sealer next i started on
  12. Oh yeah i see the HC! My tank is 2ft and i planted the HC strand by strand, it took me a full day to plant it all lol what type of lighting do you have? HC and glosso needs medium to high light otherwise it grows up and becomes stringy looking but japanese hairgrass should do ok is aquariumlife one of your usual sites? if not check it out if you like
  13. Looks great Yan Have you thought about a carpeting plant at the front like HC,glosso or japanese hairgrass?
  14. divy

    My Crs

    Sam your shrimp allways amazes me im one of those" Young inexperienced" people that will allways be asking for help and ofcourse asking if you have any for sale lol
  15. thanks ghengis, i didnt even figure to check out railways i have a small creek behind my house and there were no nice rocks so then i checked out the railway and there were soo many nice rocks for a nano tank so im happy now and now ive just started to plant the HC cuba going in the tank which is a pain thanks jo, i appreciate your help but im not going to the ff
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