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  1. Hey someone, Amen to having more time, more sleep and not so many fish.......you deserve it, you've been a legend. Good luck with the new gig, I hope it all works out the way you want. Cheers & Best wishes Jane
  2. Hey Peta & Eric, Welcome to the forum. Bubble nests are a great indicator of a happy betta ( as is a good appetite) Your pretty boy is a royal blue, black head(unmasked) VT with a little red wash on the caudal and red ventrals. It's very sad, but you've found out first hand how much misinformation is out there about the needs of bettas..........many of the LPS's people don't even know these are tropical fish. Anyway, welcome and have fun Cheers
  3. Hey Marianne, Nice looking tank - Here's a few ideas: If you like corys a trio or 4sum of C.Aeneas ( bronze/albino/) or peppers/panda/juli cory or 4-6 C.Pygmaeus (dwarf)would be good - you could possibly fit a few more pygmaeus in than 6 and they are just like full size corys and spawn fairly easily in the corrrect conditions. You could also try Otocinclus catfish, they are nocturnal feeders and prefer to be in schools of 4-6 average out at about 5cm fully grown and they like algae I don't know about killi needs/habbits, but another possibility is shrimp - and they are pretty active
  4. G'day and welcome :anyone:
  5. G'day and welcome :anyone:
  6. Loaches on line is a great resource I wouldn't put clownies in with very small fry as they're omniverous so anything small enough to fit in their mouth is fair game and favoured foods are snails, blackworm, bloodworms, small bits of prawns for the larger fish, so tiny fry could become a tasty snack and clownies have large appetites. They should be fine with larger fry. On their own they can get very stressed and succumb to Ick which can kill them pretty quick. They're scaleless so meds must be diluted and they don't tolerate high salt concentrations. Actually they're very similar to cory'
  7. Fighters, checkout http://www.planetcatfish.com/ or http://www.corysrus.com/ for info on corydoras. If you treat as any other tropical and not a scavenger you'll find they do very well and their antics quirky, funny and very rewarding. They are absolutely non-aggressive and very peaceful so in a community situation make sure they've plenty of places to hide. They prefer softly lit conditions or "shady" areas to escape and will hide if they feel threatened. They prefer a min group of 3 but will schoal in larger groups and at times behave a bit like sheep - if 1 does they all do Cory's
  8. Maybe he was trying to love you , and he just got carried away A hug could be a bit difficult, given your size -you just wouldn't fit in the tank either that or he needs a bone of his own to chew on :lol:
  9. Thanks someone the info's much appreciated. :cheer:
  10. It seems the first batch of eggs ( laid 15/7/08) belong solely to the "bronze" trio and the albino female & her Bronze males mated yesterday(16/07/08) and dropped me another bundle. So I decided to remove some eggs from the 2nd spawning and dump them into the same hatching tank as the first, - Well if they were going to be so accomodating I may as well take advantage of it, mighten I 24hrs between siblings no biggie. You can probably imagine the look on my face when upon opening the "cory incubation ward" I find the first lot of eggs fungused someone didn't remove all the unfert
  11. B'razzi, have you ever tried to catch these buggers? They're like greased lightening and especially living in a jungle tank........The 6 adults share their 60x30x30 with 3 khuli's, a hillstream loach and about 20million snails which just won't die and a jungle weed that fills half the tank!! I'll try to post a photo. * Catfish enthusiast's advice..... move the eggs it's apiece of cake* Move the eggs - piece of cake, I can do that Moving the eggs was not an easier proposition - the little bugers had them everywhere..........on or under almost every surface........what a pain they're
  12. Like Sara I would classify him as a Trad PK; not only for the caudal which lacks the defined "D" sharpness of the HM shape, but also the teardrop dorsal and the long pointy anal. His body shape is also more trad Pk in that it is more slender and torpedo like, allowing for him being a young fish, than the broader bodies of the show HMPK.
  13. Ok this is the third time my adult cory double trio have spawned/ are spawning.........Yes, both sets at the same time<_< Trust me to do a big water change ......... My problem is this - the last twice they've spawned I haven't removed either the parents or the eggs and hence only 1 survivor from each batch, I'd like a few survivors from this opportunity I can't find "The Spawning Cory's for Dummies" manual anywhere online. Does anyone have any instructions ??? what do I need to do?? Thanks Jane
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    Hi All

    :flex: Welcome and enjoy yourself Jane
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