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  1. Hi All! Apologies for my tardiness in updating my spawn logs. Rather than post the same message half a dozen times I'll just put it here. Long story short about a week after my last post on these logs I had to travel away from home for about a week and a half. During my absence my poor babies were waaaay overfeed, all my apple snails died (about 3 per tank)and I came home to a lot of foul water and a lot of dead fish :'( I managed to save a couple from each spawn and they've turned out pretty nice. I'll try to get some photos for you guys. Now that I've finished raising baby snakes for the season I'm hoping to find time to perform some F2's ... just in time for winter, ugh.
  2. I'm not feeling very well so I wont be able to make this one sorry. Also, I'm happy with the changes made to the constitution. Have a great meeting guys, see you at the next one.
  3. Happy Birthday Sara!

  4. Happy birthday!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful day. xx

  5. Nice design Jarrod. Kristian and I will be there for sure. I've just got to decide what fishies to bring along...
  6. I love the white/turq male, such a cute face Gorgeous pair of plakats you have there too.
  7. Are you planning on working on ctpk with this line? Congrats on the spawn, any pics of the parents?
  8. No DT but a lot of broad dorsals. I think I'll be doing an f2 which should give me back some DT.
  9. awww shucks guys I'm super excited about this spawn too and I'm stoked with their growth. I'm going to be feeding primarily grindals to these guys for a while as there's one that has sbd, would be my heart if that happened to the rest.
  10. Looks like I'll have to split this spawn into two tanks, they are growing ok, but they have nothing on the growth rate of my other spawns. I think I'll put a third of this spawn outside now the weather has cleared up a bit. I'll run a heater for them just in case though because we're still getting cold nights every now and then.
  11. Really impressed with the growth rate on these guys, dorsals already. Still well over a hundred of them left too :)
  12. New fry photos I can see ventrals now (phew)
  13. Very nice copper boy, he'll easily reach halfmoon spread, and is that a hint of bf pattern I see on the anal fin? really nice toplines in this spawn as well, nice work :)
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