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  1. Happy Birthday Sara!

  2. Happy birthday!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful day. xx

  3. I love the white/turq male, such a cute face Gorgeous pair of plakats you have there too.
  4. Masking refers to the presence of a metallic layer over the face of the fish. And that blue male is going to be stunning!
  5. They look fantastic Shadoh, you should be very proud of yourself. In most cases people are just happy to hatch eggs and raise them to some form of adulthood but you've got some real stunners in that bunch.
  6. Sara_01


    Another Doctor Who fan I see best of luck finding some fishie-wishies, very addictive though :P
  7. Have a look at livefish.com.au I recently planted my sorority in anticipation of a batch of ladies arriving from thailand. The plants are lovely and healthy and they are very reasonably priced. They also have photos of the plants for the aquascape-impaired Ebay australia may be worth a look also. Pics when you're done right? :D
  8. Count me in for the next one Disappointed I couldn't make it to the last.
  9. Looks like you had an amazing trip, very jealous thanks so much for sharing.
  10. Hi Ness, I'm still tracking down photos of my old fishies. I did manage to find some photos in an old photobucket album. Some juvies I bred: Not great photos, my photography has come a long way since then. I can't wait to get my new lot in front of the camera. If I remember correctly the Ausaqua crowd loves photos lol
  11. Thanks Rhys, I'll create a new thread in the coffee shop forum, I'm always happy to share my reps :)
  12. Hello All, I'm back! Most of you probably wont remember me, I used to be a regular member of Ausaqua and after about a 2 year hiatus I'm getting back into keeping and breeding bettas! I used to keep and breed HM and HMPK bettas but left the hobby to spend some quality time with my other scaled friends, pythons I've also spent my betta-free time mastering photography and working towards my diploma in graphic design. I've been obsessively haunting the forums (not to mention aquabid) for the past few weeks catching up on all the goings on and since a lot of the old familiar faces seem to be
  13. Sorry, I thought you meant if the fish spawn. I didn't know about the toxin they release. I dunno what the chances are of them spawning are either.
  14. I've kept mussel before, as a kid. I've never experienced fish loss with them, my understanding is that they are filter feeders, I can't see that they could eat a fish. Perhaps if they were feeding and they were startled by a fish they might accidentaly close on one and kill it.
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