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  1. Happy Birthday Cassi. We miss seeing you around the forum :)

  2. Happy birthday Cassi!

  3. So glad to hear!

    Hope you have a great year to follow! :)

  4. Thanks Sarah!! I'm having a wonderful time so far. I've come down south to chilly VIC to visit with my sister for the week of my birthday! It's been great!

  5. Happy Birthday Cassi!

    Hope you have a fantabiulous day. :D

  6. I would remove that moss, it looks dead to me and it can't be saved in my opinion. I, like Joan, have java moss in my shrimp tank and can't STOP it from growing. I have to thin it out every few months or I lose track of my shrimp... I also know there's a driftwood piece in there with java fern attached but I can't see it any longer due to the abundance of moss! I don't do anything to my shrimp tank at all. It has a 2ft light, that I rarely remember to put on, a sponge filter and a TON of shrimp that are probably over populating the tank as we speak. I almost NEVER suction vac the floor of the tank either. I think the shrimp themselves are mainly responsible for the great condition of the moss, they tend to eat any growths on it and keep it very clean. I can actually see the moss growing now, it has little buds on the leaves. It's cool Sorry, but your moss seems beyond dead. Better luck next time!
  7. I have more BN eggs! woot

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    2. zhong89


      I have eggs too!!! from two different females....

    3. Anasfire


      the winning combo seems to be dropping the heater temp (tank is sitting around 26°C-27°C), give them a really good feed. Heaps of algae pellets, some fresh foods too eg zucchini/cucumber and just wait. A largish WC doesn't hurt either..and of course a breeding cave!

    4. Sarah


      Congratulations! I love BN, and just recently my dad got me one for a 2ft tank of mine, and it was my very first one. Sadly he died 2days later.. not sure why. R.I.P. Mr. Squiggle.

  8. I have guppy fry!!! I suspsect the opaline gourami's have been eating any dropped fry up till now. Now I have the hatchery set up we should have more guppy-endlers to add to the community tank in a few weeks!

  9. I think that interest has waned Tara, mainly because we have a lack of venue to hold them at and have to resort to public places. I might be attending the next QFAS Super Auction at Spring Hill on November 20th....so if we were to hold another Gathering that date might be a good idea, get the auctions in at the same time!
  10. I don't think they will self-regulate. I started with almost 50 shrimp in my 3.4ft tank but my cichlids got to them and annihilated the population down to 8. I managed to save those and put them into a 2ft species tank with java moss, hornwort, sponge filter and some driftwood (with java fern attached) and within a month those 8 had grown to around 30 in number, now 3 months later I have well over 150 (only time I attempted to count them all I got to 130 and there were still more!) I know I need to get rid of some, and soon. They are over populating the tank. Everywhere you look there are adult or baby shrimp, on any given day the filter is covered in them. If you want to keep the bioload in the tank down I suggest you routinely curb the population. I've been trying to see some, give some away and am now catching the smaller baby shrimp to feed live to my bettas and cichlids. Good Luck! Shrimp are awesome hey!!! Did you get Cherry Red Shrimp or Crystal Reds??? or maybe even Crystal black? I've seen the crystal black's myself and they are GORGEOUS!
  11. OMG people! Feed your grindals...lol. I have forgotten to feed mine on occasion also, but they've never gone more than a week without feeding. I'm getting to the point now where I have to harvest them for a few days every month just to stop them from crashing due to over population. My soiless culture is going great guns too and I find if I drop the food down the side of the container (rather than place it between layers of scourer) I can get an idea of how many are in there by checking on them as they feed on it. I've just made up a heap more mature cultures so have around 10 containers of grindals to feed every few days. Imagine if I forgot them all?! Disaster or what! You gots to remember ya cultures people! And my friends go nuts at me for keeping mine in the pantry cupboard *rolls eyes*, they sure don't get forgotten there when I see them every morning as I take the peanut butter out to make toast! Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL night! I'm a little over tired and hyper..so excuse my enthusiasm this late at night! xoxoxo Cassi
  12. Anasfire


    I'd also be worried about the variation in temperature from the direct sunlight. Bettas like consistent temps and being in direct sunlight would vary it, clouds crossing as an example and as the sun progresses across the sky. Just a thought.
  13. Anasfire

    Micro Worms

    the only issue you may have with dunking the lid is over feeding them. If it's a very large spawn (say 250+) you'll be fine but if it's a small spawn you really just want to take a small scraping (eg cover the tip of your finger)only and use that. It may not seem like much but it really is, less is more with MW especially due to the fact that uneaten ones will sink to the tank floor and foul up the water...plus it's thought them decaying is the cause of ventriless fry, as they sit on the floor of the tank, surrounded by decaying MW. PS you can also buy a packet of cheap artists paint brushes from crazy clarks or something and use that to lift the MW off the side or lid..again just a small sweep of a moist brush should do it. The last batch of fry I had only got a small finger tip scraping per feed and they all grew well and had ventrals.
  14. Anasfire

    Micro Worms

    ditto, I don't clean them at all either. I just scrape them off the sides of the container with a wet finger or dip the entire lid into my fry tank:P
  15. Anasfire

    Ill Blue Ram

    Personally I've never known whitespot/ich to move or wiggle. always just look like grains of salt on the fish, which is what that looks like to me. If I were you, I'd start treating it now.
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