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  1. You can keep shrimp with or without soil, I have personally kept shrimp with ADA soil, up aqua soil and bare bottom tanks for about 6 years now. They all breeding fine for me but using shrimp sand or soil will definitely make the shrimp color better. There is no right or wrong to this, its more about what you wanted to achieve. Personally I would highly recommend keeping shrimp with substrate because It makes the shrimp color better and provides more bacteria (Food) too.
  2. Love your avator's betta...

    You got any fry for sell?

  3. Is having gravel in betta tank any good?? It looks good but I found it hard to keep the tank clean.
  4. Glad that you have received it already, just remember don't feed your fish before bagging them. :)
  5. Like Serka said, I don't think they are any good for bettas as we all know Betta breath from the water surface but they would be really good for fish like L-numbers, Killies, CRS etc. I will be getting some bigger sizes for bigger fish like discus if anyone interested. Btw I've already posted the first lot of testers out and if anyone else interested please pm me lachie1998: I haven't test the ammonia nitrate or nitrite as I assume they would not live if they were too high but I will test it next time.
  6. Great News for those who has been waiting for a substitute for Kordon Breathing bags! I have personally tested these bags with GOLD FISH, CRS and Neon Tetra. After 10 days, I've lost one neon tetra and the rest were still alive however I didn't go any further for humanity reason. The size of the bag is 15cm x 25cm which makes it a good fit for Small fishes and Shrimps and it can be reuse as many times as you want. Here is some more pictures: <Correct <Incorrect The correct way to use these bags is not leaving any air in the bag as I showed clearly in the pictures above. I am going to give away few tester to the first 8 Users and all I am asking is to post your comments about this product in this thread. If you interested please PM me with your name and postal address.
  7. They are very easy to keep and quite easy to breed as well. The main factor to keep them alive is the tempreture, I keep my at 24-26 constantly. You can always start with lower grade :eek:
  8. Haven't got time to login Ausaqua lately as I working 2 jobs 7 days now >,< just want to share few shrimp pics I took this morning..
  9. I just did a water change before I took this photo so its quite full and I run the tank like that but the water level will go lower everyday..
  10. This probably gonna be the last update for this layout. enjoy~
  11. Very cute indeed! What plants have u got in there?
  12. njsul: yeah I think its the white bits that turn green haha... I agree with you mike, going to trim the back stem plants like this:
  13. Update after trimming... I wanted to trim it like a triangular mound shape because of the different stem plant growth rate, still need sometime to work out how tall should I trim for each of the type to create the shape I want.
  14. I think you talking about this Lili? its a inline Co2 diffuser attached between the outlet pipe & the filter.
  15. Pinnacle Here is my newest scape and its a iwagumi again but this time I want to try to make the main stone more outstanding in the layout by placing much smaller stones along the main stone. I would like to thanks a forum memeber who gave me alot of useful comments on this layout . Tank Spec Substrate: AquaSoil 1+2, Bactor 100 Tank: Ada 30p Lighting: 24w x 2 Filter: eheim 2213 Lily pipe: Cal lab + inline diffuser Stand: Custom ada style stand
  16. I usually add fish 2 week - 1month later... coz Amazonia leaches alot of ammonia that will kill the fish..
  17. Thx for the prize someone & congratulations. Hope more ppl will start planted tank so we get more & more entries next time :D
  18. wow.. I love red dragon >,<.. is the female a PK or HM?
  19. yes the shop ordered it in for me thou.. waited 2 weeks. just a little update on the tank spec & maintenance Tank Spec Light: 27w filter: 2211 (Eheim Substrat Pro) Co2: 1 bubble/2 sec Temp: 23-25 (sometime 28'c lol) depends on the room tempreture. maintenance for week 1 Ferts: Brighty K, Excel , TBS coditioner. W/C: 50% for now.. the stem plants is growing new leaves but the HC doesn't look too happy...
  20. I sent them here. update: Dimensions: 36cm X 22cm X 26cm (14.17in X 8.66in X10.24 in) Plant List: rotala sp "green" rotala Indica rotala Macrandra "mini" Hemianthus micranthemoides Ludwegia acuata Dwarf Hairgrass HC
  21. I boil my aquarium rocks before I place them in the tank but sometime I just wash them with tap water..
  22. After a long holiday back from HK, finally I can to set up my mini m tank. I haven't got much in there yet but I will start planting it when I receive the plants 2 days later... to be updated........
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