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  1. wow.. I'm with Shannon on this one. Life takes over and you don't get to the places you love and WHAM everything changes. Lisa, thank you so much (and of course the other developers) for bringing us this fantastic forum. I wish you well and I know that this being your baby you will drop in occasionally. Razzi, congratulations on being selected as our new Guru, big shoes, hope you've got big feet. I know you will fill them perfectly. On another note, I have been away for a while. I'm no longer a chardonnay girl (remember the H is silent, Kylie's been to France). I'm an older and wiser SSB g
  2. I have a massive soft spot for these little rams. I have everything crossed for you so that they do well. Good Luck! Tracey
  3. And the addition of a little vinegar might help with pH..... :wacko:
  4. Hey Razzi, Make it last as long as possible. After all it only happens once a year. Enjoy! Cheers, Tracey. ETA: Do I post in both threads??? Do you then get two birthdays???? That's just unfair :blink:
  5. Hi Lou, Just thowing in my few cents here. Whomever named the 'Angelfish' was one sarcastic $&*^()&)... If you get my drift. They are lovely on their own, in a big school, but I have had issues with them before. That said I have always had them in a community tank and I have only had 5 or 6 at a time. My tanks are not very big so that may have been part of the problem. I did lose my angels, I think to not good enough water quality, they didn't go all at once. Whilst I had them I found them to be quite aggressive at times towards the other tank mates.
  6. Happy birthday Michael! I want a La Cresuet (sic) pot for my birthday, talk about jealous . By the way, were you not the one that said, after watching a 3D film, that you felt the need to hurl in the closest rubbish bin? Hope you had a great day and I hope you enjoy Avatar, haven't had the courage to see it myself yet, 'cos I would be feeling a little off I think after about 5 minutes.
  7. Now that is a photo worthy of a caption contest! Just gorgeous and I should probably start..... Got to get girls to bed, but I'll be thinking of a good one. Oh just quickly, how about... eh em.... Ya want to piece o' me????
  8. Good luck Lou, can't wait to see pics. :lol:
  9. Sorry to hear that Neffy. RIP Mr Wiggums. :lol:
  10. Can I just add that perhaps next time you may not want to have any sound??? Have you had a listen... Was it just me or should this video be classified over 18s??? By the way the fish are gorgeous! Tracey.
  11. Cass, fingers crossed for u hon. I hope they are ok!
  12. Thanks for the info Lilli. I am only running sponge filters at the moment. I will try the standing water/peat option and see what happens for next water change.
  13. peat could be the answer to a lot of my problems.... My water is quite alkaline here.... Now the question would be how to maintain status quo with the addition of peat???
  14. Hi, I concur with Lili, I do love the colour of Castiel.
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