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  1. REALLY?? Someone forgot to tell these guys.....
  2. Not worries.....but he's a lot quicker than the male guppies with their big tails Fry will be cross breeds..... NOTE female guppies can store sperm for 2/3 broods If your intent is to breed the blue guppies, a rethink is in order....
  3. Rod

    Water PH

    Nope, A mate of mine used to add Plaster of Paris to catfish Grow out tank tanks to increase calcium for bone growth If you don't believe me get a bucket of water....take pH Put in sculpture and wait a week....then take pH again.... if sculpture is plastic then I'm wrong....but I bet it's not....
  4. Do you have an endler in the tank?
  5. Rod

    Water PH

    Mmmm....James is correct! that sculpture is no doubt made of Paster of Paris....calcium sulfate hemihydrate that is the cause of the pH increase....for sure... Plant looks like a sword of some sort
  6. Rod

    Water PH

    8.4 pH is not dangerous to guppies They are one of the few fish that I would add NaCl to their tank Do you know that pH can fluctuate quite a bit in the Wild During the day plants convert co2 to o2 and reverse at night reducing co2 makes water more alkaline whilst adding it increases acidity Best practise is to observe the fish....if they are stressed they will show it Trying to chase a specific pH can be dangerous What do you mean cycled twice?? Do you have any live plants? I recommend Anubias, Java fern, guppy grass Give the tank time to settle down....it's very N
  7. Rod

    Water PH

    Guppies like water with high conductivity (total dissolved solids) My guess is water with high ph is also likely to be hard and have high conductivity Personally....I wouldn't change it I'd bet it's not worrying the guppies....;)
  8. Rod

    endlers in aus

    Kanga....You have far more patience than I or perhaps its my age showing....;)
  9. Rod

    endlers in aus

    If you are really interested in endlers this is the best site.http://www.endlers-usa.com/portal.php
  10. Rod

    endlers in aus

    Most are hybrids...
  11. Rod

    Filter Help

    30 litres is plenty for a single betta…... Personally I prefer smaller tanks and do more frequent water changes I suggest sand because it doesn't trap waste like gravel does….and plants suggested don't need to be rooted into substrate the snails eat any food not taken by the betta and the (real) plants use the nutrients (fish and snail waste) Plants suggested don't need high levels of light Bettas prefer calm water and as they also breath air don't require water movement to maintain high oxygen content in water Might be worth varying his diet….blood worms are great….but l
  12. Rod

    Filter Help

    One betta.....30 litre tank I'd have sand substrate.....plenty of plants......water sprite, Anubis and Java ferns Malaysian trumpet snails......no filtration....just replace 1/3 water once a week.....remove any mulm from substrate at each water change If you have "floating particles".....you are probably over feeding with flake food.....;)
  13. Issues for consideration Substrate....make sure it's not calcium carbonate Sand is not a good substrate for plants If you use sand....plants are best attached to rocks or driftwood Java moss,java fern and anubias work....note their roots shouldn't be buried in substrate Dont use plants that aren't truly aquatic....they are cheap but will fall apart If you choose to change substrate,crypts and amazon sword plants could be used Melbourne has soft water.....if you want a community.... best fish would be Betta+ rasboras+ small loaches (not clown loaches) or Dwarf cichlids(Rams?)+ tet
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