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  1. Les you can freeze durian and it actually thaws quite nicely. It smells foal but it taste very sweet Just make sure you cut it outside though :)
  2. Hi Sydney Siders. If you are not doing anything on the Sunday, 19th May 2013 we are holding swap meet. It's going to be the only one before winter sets in and hope to see as many of you all there. You can register your details from this website: http://may2013fishyparksale.eventbrite.com.au Hope to see you all there! David
  3. where do you live? Is that vic or nsw?
  4. you are more then welcome to come over to see how i do it...
  5. Hey James It will then be in July and we really don't recommend 'showing' bettas at that time.. in August things would start to warm up..hopefully So it should be a good time.
  6. meeting went well we missed u The next meeting would be in my place at August!!.. So much closer...
  7. looking forward to seeing you all... Should be pleasant..but please where some warm clothes :)
  8. Great Will see you there then.. We want to get as many people to come around... But will see how the day goes..
  9. davo


    not a problem mate hope you enjoy it :)
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