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  1. where do you live? Is that vic or nsw?
  2. you are more then welcome to come over to see how i do it...
  3. davo


    not a problem mate hope you enjoy it :)
  4. davo


    Welcome to the forum If you are interested in fish then Exotic Aquariums or Coburg Aquariums in Melbourne is the way to go If you would also want the bible of all bibles on fish breeding i strongly recommend you get Brian Andrew's book Ornamental Fish Farming. Just google it.. :)
  5. Welcome Karen, I suggest you checkout fishfinatix.com They are a breeder, wholesaler, retailer.. If you have an ABN and wanting to open a store you can get there price list
  6. np Danny If you are interested just register your interest on the eventbrite site Thanks all
  7. Dear All I would like to invite you on 20th April 2013 on 2pm-5pm to the next Sydney Splendens Society Meeting We will be holding the meeting in: Labyrinth Aquariums 16 Ninth Ave Campsie NSW 2194 The topics of the day will be: * Shop tour - courtesy of Andrew * Today's Topic: DIY Betta Barracks - low cost solution * Raffle - fish, plants or anything you like to bring * Trade Table - If you have anything to trade or sell then come along and enjoy the fun. We hope that we can see you there and we are looking forward to hearing from you David Lo SSS President. Please use: ht
  8. welcome... hope you enjoy yourself
  9. sure, happy to give you a hand... just pm me Should be about $5 for a starter culture.
  10. davo


    We are around..just busy..
  11. you can buy some from me if you want I am in Lidcombe... I have got golden pearl fry food...whic is ideal for the fry.. And also got micro worms..
  12. davo

    What Killi?

    I suggest you just stick with Gardneri first as they are for the beginner killie keeper. Australe and Poliaki is good as well but i find Poliaki is a little bit more delicate.. At least with Gardneri you will get plenty of eggs. I think raising the fry in a 100L tank is too big a tank.... Usually my routine is: Eggs (collected in a small take away container) hatch - 2 weeks left in the small take away container 2-4 weeks move to a 10L container 4+ weeks move to a 25L container until adult..
  13. Hmmm i see.. can you take a picture of how they are situated and where and so forth? Will send you some money as well so you can send them back and will send you a newer set if you wish at no extra cost? SAF i had this happen a few times in one of my experiments, if it is dimly lit it's mostly because it is constantly exposed to water vapour and that has caused the connectors to oxidise (rust)
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