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  4. Rob_


    Hi all, Just after some advice on chillers. I have a 70L tank with two axolotls which I need a chiller for. I've seen so many different types and I can't figure out which would be the most appropriate. I live in central Victoria so it gets pretty hot here in summer, and my lounge room (where the tank is) gets pretty got too. I ideally need to keep the water to about 18 degrees Celsius, and usually on a hot day the water temp gets up to about 23 which is too hot. I put ice in it at the moment but it's not really a viable long-term solution. Any advice would be greatly appreciate
  5. Hey all my name's Rob and I have recently gotten two baby axolotls. I've joined this group to get some advice on a few things which I'll post in the appropriate sections!
  6. HI all from the south coast! I have been out of the hobby for a few years, took my tanks down when I was travelling away for university in 2015 (mature student reskilling). I've been working in my new role as a nurse for a few years now and I'm desperate to get back into being kept by fish hahah. I have had a 7ftx3.5x3 project tank taking up space in my loungeroom for forever, and I've finally decided I'm not going to set it up. So I'm selling that and buying a smaller 6fter to set up. I'm planting it out with anubias, some carpet and a few randoms I'm throwing in just to see ho
  7. Hello everyone! I'm Pedro from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. In the past when I was young my father had an aquarium (500 liters). Since then I started to love the hobby. So, 3 years ago I built an aquarium (70liters) for my home and started to keep guppies and shrimp. Now I have 2 more... and starting to keep betta fish. I'm interested in betta genetics and planning to start breeding them.
  8. Hello all, I have been doing research on planted aquarium substrates as I would like to re-do my current planted aquarium (and first ever aquarium) early next year and hopefully have a lot mroe success with growing plants. I have stumbled upon the cheap and seeminly very effective method of using a potting mix or soil and capping it with sand. I have been trying to find a soil but without seeing the labels in person it is very hard to find the exact contents. I live in brisbane any much of the information coinsiding with the brand of the soil online does not apply to my area. This
  9. Jack


    I've only been fish keeping for about a year and live in Brisbane. I only have one 4ft aquarium that currently has some corydoras, tetras, lots of shrimp and a bristlenose. I am looking to ask questions and learn a lot from others on this forum.
  10. Welcome, nice choice with the wilds, what species are you considering?
  11. Matt_95


    Welcome! Do you have any photos of your set up?
  12. Matt_95


    Welcome Doug have you got any fish yet?
  13. Welcome to the forum, do you have any photos?
  14. Welcome, there are a lot of great resources here :)
  15. Hi guys, Just setting up my first tank, pretty excited. I'm currently designing and building a custom cabinet for it. Got a 120L tank, thinking of stocking it with dwarf gourami or some wild type betta with a few dwarf rasbora. I'm based in Slacks Creek in Logan, south of Brisbane, looking forward to learning about the hobby from other members here.
  16. spookymuffin


    I've been in the hobby (on and off) for about fifteen years. Currently keeping shrimp (neos), livebearers (endlers, guppies and mollies), and bettas. Looking to get back into breeding bettas on a small scale.
  17. DougOsborn


    Hello, From Melbourne, have been into fish for a long time but not for the last couple of years, looking to get back into it on a smaller, more manageable scale. Cheers, Doug
  18. Hello everyone. I'm Lucy from Townsville. I have a cubic tank with a beautiful halfmoon and another one that made from the oversized light bulb and I am looking for some red cherry shrimp to introduce. Greetings to all.
  19. Hi all. What better time to start a new hobby than when stuck at home under lockdown in Melbourne. My family have fallen in love with bettas (is it betters or betas btw?). Sadly we have just lost our first one - a purplish veiltail named Finny (my daughter gets to name the fish). We had him for 18 months in a community tank with tetra neons and his personality sucked us in. In the past few weeks we have purchased a few more and are doing our research on breeding, hence my interest in joining the forum - one can never have too much information and advice. As an intro question what do peop
  20. In my experience live food definitely makes the dry grow faster.
  21. Welcome to the forum. Have you bought any new fish yet?
  22. My female red lace snakeskin just gave birth to the third litter without loving with a male lol.
  23. Hi guys, im new to this. Thought i try feeding new guppy fry live brine shrimp and protein tablets everyday. Will that make them grow better and have better colors? Currently have red lace snakeskin, albino full red, grass guppy fry.
  24. I feed mine brine shrimp and waffers everyday.
  25. Hi errbody, Jorge here, based in Newcastle NSW. I used to very into Bettas for the fun of genetics when in Highschool, I managed to get some fry but i was never able to rear it so felt like I had to stop the fish-o-cide. I'm older & not at all wiser but really keen to get back into aqua-culture with Bettas and poss. Guppies as I'm space restrained ATM. Ntm u all!
  26. Rare two Months old guppies. Very limited quantity (5 left),retailed $15 each. Im selling $8 each Very hardy healthy fish, raised on brine shrimp and high protein waffers $25 postage if needed Or meet for free anywhere within 5km of Doncaster
  27. Anyone interested? I have a few two months old ones. Located in doncaster vic phone:0413498578
  28. Hi all, Im kenny, and im from Malaysia. I love Betta's and im actually breeding it and this is part of my huge hobby. Have been into this for several years now and even came outsome self made products for my fishes and sometimes RND makes good quality supplements for my fresh water fishes.Well, its nice to be here, so i may learn from other friends here ..
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