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  4. Love the first one. Well done on restraining yourself while you get set up 😛
  5. Welcome Betta Boy! Love a good yellow!
  6. Hi guys, from Trinidad and Tobago. Don't have a specific goal in mind as yet, but looking forward to learning about and hopefully spawning some high quality betta-lets 😊 (yeah, just made my own word lol). The colour I'm really interested in is yellow, so we'll see. I'm sure that will change as time goes on though. Current own 10 discuss, 4 rams and a pair of marble blue and yellow hmpks.
  7. Hello all, as I am still waiting for a fish room I thought I better not get alot of Betta yet so thought I would show what I currently have. Please forgive the footage as its my very first video editing attempt.
  8. mbetta


    Thank you very much! I am very grateful to be a member of this forum. Although it is not my native language, I will try to express myself as best as possible in English.
  9. shadoh


    Hi Marcus, welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
  10. Never seen these in Australia. Not sure if they’re an allowed import.
  11. Welcome Marcus.
  12. mbetta


    Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is Marcus and I have two beautiful Crowntails betta. One is called Annita and the other one is called Rufo. I'm just starting with this topic and I'm looking forward to learn a lot of things. Greetings to all.
  13. Any luck? I'd love a few for my pond aswell not sure if I should give finding them up or not
  14. Welcome Amber. Yes always interested in money saving ideas.
  15. Hi Phlebo! Welcome to the forum. A sorority of marbles would look amazing and a riot of colour. It's funny how most of the betta people I know are also into guppies as well. I like something a little more unusual when it comes to guppies and if I could get my head around the genetics, I would probably be trying to make my own colour/pattern varieties.
  16. Hi Amber, welcome to the forum! Fishkeeping can certainly get addictive What colour platies are you breeding? I'm trying to decide if I will get back into livebearers again. I had some nice platies once, so maybe I'll go back to them. Can't wait to hear some of your money saving ideas!
  17. Hi! I'm a new breeder that has always loved keeping all sorts of animals. I have a number of discus, axolotls, angelfish, neon tetras and glass fish. I also have platy fry that I'm currently raising. My interest started when the few fish I kept in my backyard pond started breeding and now I'm obsessed! I love all things fish and aquariums and hope to offer some interesting strains of fish at affordable prices. I also want to share my knowledge of how I've saved money in fish keeping, as I know it's an expensive hobby! Thanks guys
  18. Yeah I think they might be fairly old. I'm really not that clear on what they're meant to look like. Google brings up quite a variety.
  19. I did have to google what they look like, they seem to be one of the earlier guppy breeds? Really nice
  20. I’ve just started working with bottom sword Vienna Emerald types.
  21. My guppys don't really follow a plan, but it is interesting to watch what influences pop up and get lost again. At the moment there are like two main stems whose appearances don't really mix 🤗
  22. Welcome to the forum Phlebo. Betta genetics are fascinating. For me it’s also been a lot easier to understand than guppy genetics.
  23. Hi everybody, as to my aquatic career, i got my first tank for the 8th birthday and ever since kept on having fish. Mostly Guppys I guess. But also some bigger species like diskus and angelfish, yet somehow I get drawn back to the smaller ones. My first bettas were three females, who got along wonderfully, which, now some years later, I found out that isn't always given. After a Betta (but not aquarium) pause I re-scaped my 800 l aquarium, and felt need for new bettas. That's how I came to the sorority of marbles that I have now. Well, and after a while the colors fascinated me enough to
  24. Thanks @shadoh! I'll be investing in some plants and moss for the 52L, the shrimp will be so relieved aha. Im not sure whats going on with the video now but I upload most stuff to my instagram anyway, so it's all on there 😅 @Bettarazzi thats so naughty and awful!! I hope your male made a full recovery from that. Thanks for the heads up, he had fin damage once but it was my fault for leaving spiderwood in his tank and thinking it would be okay! we haven't had any problems since, but I'll be sure to keep an eye on the cheeky buggers! they do steal his pellets from right infront of his
  25. Actually I think the video did load after all. It’s not showing a thumbnail but I can click it to play. @Trashlass keep an eye on those neons. I had some neons completely shred the fins of one of my males once.
  26. Hi Trashlass, lovely Bettas you have there! They look quite happy in their tank set-ups. Can't wait to see what you do with Ernie's tank - I'm sure the shrimp will appreciate the addition of more places to seek refuge I'll definitely go check out your insta! PS: Your video didn't upload. We can't upload video directly to the forum. I find it easiest to upload to youtube and share the link here.
  27. Hi everyone! I just wanted to show off my little work in progresses and my lovely little bettas! I recently acquired a galaxy koi from 7fishes and she arrived in excellent condition. I think she’s quite the looker. My male betta is Ernie and he’s a pretty little goof, and my female betta is Lita. In with Ernie are some North Queensland algae shrimp and some neon tetras. I’m planning to do some more planting in Ernie's tank, as there’s not enough plant in there for my liking , I’m sure the shrimp would appreciate a bit more coverage and grazing spots too. In with Lita are otocinclus catfish
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