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  2. Hi, I am a new member here, i am a betta breeders, guppy breeders and molly breeders to. Hope i can learn together with you all. Salam Fadli
  3. Hello, I’m ijat, just joining this group for my interest eith betta, thank you.
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  5. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Currently into betta breeding
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  8. Welcome Arakuna. Hopefully it’s not fin rot.
  9. Hi everyone, I am new to this fish keeping malarkey. I have a Betta fish which I am hoping to find out if he has fin rot or not. I also have some cardinal tetras and panda corys. Looking forward participating in the forum. Cheers
  10. Hi Yulianto. Welcome to the forum. Good luck with the cross.
  11. hiii, iam from indonesia. iam trying to crossing betta, and now i try to create Nemo Copper (i cross Male Fancy Copper vs Female Nemo). Wish me luck. *sorry for my bad english.
  12. Hi there beulz. Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you’re off to a great start. You should have a look at the Aquarium Society of Victoria and the Eastern District Aquarium Society. Both are starting to hold events again after lockdown last year.
  13. Hi all! Nice to be here! I'm in Melbourne, and have a background in botany. I have my first tank, a hand me down... taking it easy as i tend to go over board with new hobbies... just learning the ropes! I inherited 2 danios, a cat fish, and a comet goldfish. I have added two freshwater mussels, and two Murray River rainbows, with hopes to add more local fish in future. I have been experimenting with local wetlands plants, from the maroondah area. Altho with mixed success, so have also installed some hardy aquarium plants from the local pet shop to keep the planted tank looking planted as i
  14. Welcome to the forum Herman. Unless you know exactly what traits both the male and female are carrying it will be hard to predict what you will get. But the best way to understand what traits are being carried is to actually breed the fish and observe the results. Hopefully the parents will survive and you have the chance to try different crossings as well. But even if they don’t you can continue working with the offspring to build your line.
  15. Not sure who the breeders are in Perth.
  16. Bettarazzi


    Welcome Ringga. Hope you find some good information here.
  17. Rdb


    Hi, my name is ringga, nice forum for Betta hobbies, i'm just newbie breeder from Jakarta, i'd like anykind information about betta
  18. Hi Dionysus. Welcome. Which city are you in?
  19. Hi, You can call me Dionysus! I’m pretty new to the hobby and really love bettas and other gouramis. I’m looking for a betta breeder in my city primarily since I’d like to support breeders rather than the big chains. My current betta is Fang. He is unfortunately on his way out. I thought he was sick at first but I’ve been reassured that there isn’t anything wrong with him disease wise or anything and that he is just old.
  20. Hi everyone, I'm Herman Williams from Indonesia. I wonder to know what betta you can get if you crossed green metallic male betta with avatar female betta. Thank you all.
  21. Hi, I'm just looking for knowledge bout betta here.

    1. Bettarazzi


      Welcome. Hope you find what you're looking for. Shout out if you need help.

  22. Welcome Alex. The Aquarium Society of Victoria have a sub-group called Victoria Betta. Unfortunately neither have held any events since covid. The ASV normally meet every 2 months in Clifton Hill. VicBetta normally run 1 or 2 events a year.
  23. I am Alex and new to keeping Bettas and have one mail half moon and 3 females. I am based in north Melbourne and I am looking for information and a local group so I can learn how to keep my new friends healthy and happy. Looking forward to gaining access to the forums and making new friends with similar interests
  24. Welcome Aquamoss. Hope you find some useful information here.
  25. Aquamoss


    Hello, I am not a breeder or hobbyist. I joined so I could get full access to the genetics subforum for stuff for school. So, hopefully that works out. Thanks!
  26. Hi Angie. Welcome. This is pretty quiet these days. But please do ask away and I’ll my best to respond as quickly as possible.
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