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  2. Griff

    G’day to all.

    Yes I got my rainbow fish from livefish , unfortunately because of the drought been busy hand feeding, so not had the time to do to much with the tank. But rainbows are really hard to find in nsw.
  3. Welcome BettaGalore. Great to have a scientist in the group.
  4. Rainbow tank would be awesome. There are a few shops that will send fish and plants to you in the mail. You want to go with the really experienced ones. Allfish2u is in Kingswood NSW. They do a lot of shipping.
  5. Hi Jessy, Welcome. Yeah 2 litres is pretty small. A lot of breeders do use small containers but they have the experience manage water quality and detect problems early. I usually use small containers when I'm breeding but my current spawn doesn't have many males and I managed to fit them all into slightly larger 6 L containers. This allows me to have more time in between water changes. What I'm saying is that the shop assistant didn't give you the full story (they may not have known better). I suspect your female is cold. Small containers generally don't have room for a heater. So unless you're keeping it in a warm room (24-26 deg C), this is likely to be the problem. Even in summer, the overnight temperatures could be a lot lower than ideal. You should check her carefully to make sure she hasn't caught velvet. This will look like a fine yellowish-gold dust. It can be difficult to see depending on the colour of the fish. My recommendation is that you get a larger tank, say around the 20 L mark. This will have room for a heater and filter, and you can even add a couple of companion fish. But don't add any other fish until you are happy this one has settled down. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  6. Griff

    G’day to all.

    G’day to all. Apologies for the long absence. Unfortunately after Xmas had a few things go on. Yes tank is up and running. No never went for cichlids, a few reason but the biggest being, I live in country NSW and we just don’t have good suppliers for a big verity of fish. But i did put some new rainbows in and a few albino suckers, also clown Loaches. Also a few kuhli loaches, not that you see to much of them. Plants I still have to add. I will say not a fan of the hang on filter, so going back to canister one.
  7. BettaGalore


    Hi! I found your forum via a Google search for Betta breeding charts (looking for a template for tracking pairs and breedings, etc). Was hoping to not reinvent the wheel. I am a female, advanced, hobbyist breeder (18 tanks and still expanding) with a degree in Marine Biology (but went on to work in a completely separate scientific field...that genetics is still an important part of) coming back to the hobby after a long hiatus. Located in Washington state, USA, near the "famous" Aquarium Co-Op. Hoping to learn from the significant advances in the knowledge of Betta genetics made during my absence, thanks to the power of the internet. I currently have 2 successful spawns and while I do not claim any expertise in the currently available lines, I am a quick study and hope to be producing show-quality Betta in the near future. Luckily, I already know most of the basic husbandry and breeding tricks, which make the process easier. Hope to learn from you soon!
  8. Hi. I'm Jessy from Melbourne. I recently bought two bettas at the pet shop yesterday. One is a male veiltailand the other is a female crowntail. I bought a 2.0 L Aquaone duo betta aquarium (Recommended by the clerk). I recently found out after reading forums and discussions that my bettas would need a much larger space for this. So I am now planning on buying one as soon as possible. My female tends to go to stay at the bottom often. I've caught her doing this twice now. Does this mean she's not happy? What actions should I take? My male keeps on making bubbles around his area. I'm sorry I'm new here. I'm open for opinions and such.
  9. What happened with this tank? Did you end up going for cichlids?
  10. Bettarazzi


    Hi Simon. Welcome. Yeah clown loaches are great. I haven’t kept any in a long time but I do remember the sleeping upside down thing.
  11. wook1000


    Hi all, Small time hobbyist here. We have a small cube shrimp tank and our main tank is a 340L tropical tank. The tropical tank has a couple of rainbow fish and 5 clown loaches. The clowns are by far the most interesting fish I've ever had, they have a definite personality and are also good for scaring people who feed them when we are away. I've had a couple of calls from worried friends who found the clowns jammed in a log or sleeping upside down! Thanks! Simon
  12. Swim bladder issues are finally righting themselves! I am seeing mainly orange in the fins. There are a few with yellow and the remainder are cellophane (will be watching these - these are possibly marble.) Starting to see some with blue irids on the body, so interested in seeing how that develops.
  13. Griff

    G’day to all.

    Hi bettarazzi, sorry should have put the size in. It’s 3ft tank 130L tank. I’ve got everything from silver dollars to betta. So not sure what setup should go for this tank. I was thinking of doing just a species tank, maybe Cichlids.
  14. Welcome Griff! How big is the tank? And what kind of fish are you generally interested in? You could do a nice planted display if it also came with lights.
  15. Join my new fish discord group, it includes many different channels, and ranks that you can earn, including Aquascaper, new hobbyist, and many more, it's a thriving and polite community of fish keepers, and try to keep it kid friendly if you decide to join, thanks guys here's the invite link,https://discord.gg/XcusrW
  16. Hi to everyone on this site. My name is griff. Always had tanks and Have a few tanks up and running.Low and behold got a new tank for Xmas. I’ve got it up and cycling, just not sure what to put in it. So any suggestions I’ll definitely consider. Kind regards griff.
  17. Bettarazzi

    Summer Plans...

    Amazing how resilient they are. Would never dare try that in Melbourne.
  18. Love the crowntail plans. I've unfortunately lost my recently purchased crowntail females. I'll have to find more.
  19. The fry are doing alright. It's actually time to start thinning them out. There are some with deformities which need to be removed. Some of the swim bladder problems have resolved themselves which is going to make it harder to do the cull. I started weaning them off bbs about 10 days ago and I think they might be ok to go completely on NLS Grow pellets.
  20. It seems the old Photobucket hosted pics are appearing again. Not sure what's going on.
  21. 3 Weeks old now. Much smaller than my other CT spawn the same age. It's hard to see how many I have because they are very skittish. I'll be moving them into a bigger tank tomorrow, so will have a better idea. Cheers, Jarrod
  22. 3 Weeks old now. Growing well. Another spawn with swim bladder issues. Don't know what's going on. Perhaps I have lost my mojo and am overfeeding. Giving them a couple of starve days to see if this works. Cheers, Jarrod
  23. Quick update on these guys. I'm struggling a little with them having swim bladder issues. Have moved them into a larger tank and increased the number of waterchanges and dropped amount of food. Here is a video of them when I was transferring them...
  24. Hello from Melbourne. Thanks for the pics! Tank looks awesome. You need a little person standing next to it to give us a sense of scale. This forum has had a predominance of betta keepers on it but most of us keep or are interested in other fish. After all, every betta breeder needs a monster fish to dispatch the ugly ones lol. We encourage discussion on any species. In the Coffee Shop forum people discuss whatever the hell they like. Well... we try to avoid hugely controversial topics.
  25. Hello from Australia! Now correct me if I’m wrong as I’m only new to this forum.. but is this a beta only forum or all fish? I am unsure. These are some recents pics of my tank as I was doing a water change... these are from my phone so quality not the best and doesn’t do them any favours, and they are so quick! Haha
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