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  1. Happy 12.12.12, people!

    1. 6ftaquaman


      you didnt send the message at 12.12.12pm tho :P

  2. Happy New Moon, everybody! :-D

  3. Oh. My. God. Dexter!!!

  4. I'm making soap!!!!!!

  5. Hi guys! I have emailed the Society's members already about this, but thought I should post this here as well for anyone who is not yet a member of the Society but who attends our meetings and supports the club via raffle participation and other fundraising. As you know, the Society’s AGM is being held this weekend at Lidcombe. At that time, I shall be resigning as president of the Society, and seeking nominations for the role of president going forward. I have really enjoyed my time as president of the Society since its inception 3 years ago, setting up the club and getting it up and running. However, I no longer own any fish, and a number of competing priorities have arisen for me over the last couple of years. I now need to pass the mantle onto someone with the time and enthusiasm to take the Society into the future. So, please give some consideration to who you would like to see as president of the Society for 2012/2013, and - if you're a member - come along on Saturday ready to vote! If you are interested in nominating yourself for the role of president, or accepting a nomination, please be aware that because the club is an incorporated association, committee members have legal obligations and reporting responsibilities. You will also need to be willing to execute the paperwork necessary to become the club’s Public Officer, who is legally responsible for the activities of the club. I look forward to seeing as many of you on Saturday as are able to attend, and finding out who our new president will be! :cheer:
  6. This raffle will be excellent! Thanks David :)
  7. Thank you for all the lovely birthday messages, here and by phone :-), and for helping me celebrate. What's great about having friends and relatives in the northern hemisphere is that I feel like I get 2 birthdays! I have had a fantastic birthday weekend so far, and today I'm catching up with family for a nice lunch. I am very lucky to know all of you!

  8. Thank you all, lovely people! :bighug:
  9. I have just emailed notice of the AGM to members. If you are a member and you DON'T get my email, please let me know your current email so I can update our records. Thanks guys!
  10. What do you guys think? Are the groomed enough yet? :giggle:
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