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Happy Birthday Calla!


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Awwwwww :Drunk_Buddies2:

Abbey, Happy Birthday!!!

If you were here, I would take you to maccas for lunch and feed you Dan cake and let you snuggle my animals :Drunk_Buddies2::bighug:

But your not :woohoo: *Goes off to have a coffee and pretends your here*

Have a great day gorgeous!


Jess, Inky, Pix & Bee

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Happy Birthday Abbey!!!

*pours you out a glass of wine*

Ok nation wide party not quite working.. food is in Adelaide, drinks in Perth, birthday girl in Sydney :Drunk_Buddies2:

oh well.. I'll drink the wine and get giggly for you! :Drunk_Buddies2:

Happy Birthday hun.. hope your day is fantastic

Mousie, GB and the Mouselings


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I have some wine in the house too! I'll pour a glass with dinner (good excuse to have one :Drunk_Buddies2:)

LOL, Inca had no problem with the hat, it was the metering on the camera which freaked her out, she was snapping the air trying to bite it :Drunk_Buddies2:

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