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  1. Happy birthday to you!

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Happy birthday dear Beano...!!!

    Happy birthday to you!!!

    Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day and year to follow!!! :D xxx

  2. Yeah they ate them all. And now I've got some algae bloom from hell going on! Good thing is they are friends with the red fish again. For now...
  3. more eggs missing, no eyes yet. Think we can kiss this lot goodbye.
  4. Well I just got home from work (on night shift, booooo), there's less tanned eggs now, but they aren't getting rid of the solid white eggs. They did eat the fungussed up ones though (finally). Anyway, I can't see any eyes yet, hoepfully tonight maybe the eggs will look more like little fishies are inside. Or they migth all be gone. Made the mistake of feeding ox heart a few days ago - they leave residual behind and it fungus's up like anything. The discus delight frozen blocks are much less messy, as are the blood worms.
  5. Yeah I've seen others mention BBS on other forums. Yeah, I can't look after them to the extent that they would be sellable in the future, so might just see who survives - I was going to buy another one after night shifts end on Monday, but I guess not now!
  6. Hi everyone, long time no see! I moved back to Cairns last year and had to give up my oscar, Buzz, you might remember him - he is doing well living at my friends house, splashing litres of water on air conditioning installers and her cat, hilarious! Anyway, I thought since the water was right up here and I had my new tank still (got a 75G curved corner glass tank after Buzz's tank stand broke), I would try my hand at discus. Anyway, I started off with one, got a 2nd one a week later and a 3rd one maybe 2 weeks after that. I've had them about 6 or 7 weeks. Now two of them have gone and
  7. Buzz has tried and failed the oscar buddy test in the past. He just bullies them. I had to take the last one back to the shop. He doesn't give a rats about the SD's because he can't catch them, and they're aggressive enough eaters that they can scoff a lot of his food before he has... The books are textbooks. One is Kumar & Clarke Clinical Medicine, one is Voet and Voet Biochemistry (from undergrad) and the last one is Guyton Review of Medical Physiology (and not a good one in my opinion). I haven't used them since 2006 and they were lying around so I used them for the filter.
  8. They're just to jack up the filter since I cut the pipes shorter for the old tank... Or did you mean you actually want to know what the books were?
  9. Genghis - Specs are - 320L ?brand fish tank on nice stand with lights and filter in hood (though mainly using my canister). 120cm x 46 x 57 (I think). No it's not an eheim its a Fluval 305.
  10. Oh it's beautiful. It looks smaller, but actually its much bigger than the last one, this one is 320L (85G), Buzz is loving it. Here's the old one, the leaning tower of water: Here's the new beauty... it even came with 4 fluoro lights, 2 are white, one is blue and one is pink!
  11. Ha! Shun the non-believer!!! I don't have betta anymore. I was studying for part of my specialist exam (which I failed, but it's really really really hard, so I didn't expect to pass straight away) and thought "I need to cut back on the betta load". I either sold or gave them away to people on this site. I hope they took better care of them than I did. They get quite demanding when there's so many to look after, I really over extended myself. So right now it's just Buzz and the 2 silver dollars in their 40L storage tub awaiting new tank delivery. Its coming at 5pm. @Bettarazi - ye
  12. I'll have to get off my butt and put up the picture of the old tank tetering on the stand...
  13. Another shop was having a tank sale so I went there instead. Got a nice white finished one. Pretty well the one I've been wanting for a long time. They're delivering it monday. YAY!
  14. Hi everyone! Long time no visit! My fish tank stand broke last night, and subsequently my tank is now on a 10 degree angle... I don't know why these things can't happen on the 3 days off I've just had, and why they don't happen in the day time as opposed to 11pm. I have been predicting this day for the last 2 years but never did anything about it *smacks head*. Anyway, I want to buy a whole new set up. Does anyone know if this place is ok? Are the stands quality? I would prefer one of those decorative ones rather than just boring pine, perhaps with the tank that has the lights built
  15. oh poor george! I couldn't remember what george looked like until I did a search - then I went "ohhhh yeah, that guy!!!" Shame he was very pretty.
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