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    I really have a thing for planted tanks, although I never seem to get mine even close to the ones I adore the most. I think it has to do with hard work and patience! I don't have enough tanks, which has everything to do with lack of space. My favourite species of fish nearly always comes from the Amazon and its tributaries, in South America. I also keep many fish from the Asia region, which has some of the most wonderful and colourful fish I have ever seen!
  1. Jess


    Hi Mark, Welcome to Ausaqua!
  2. Jess


    Hey Barry, Welcome Do you enjoy keeping fish too?
  3. Jess

    Hi Fish Folks!

    Welcome Ohh grow tubs on the veranda sounds like fun. I have never quite got around to that even though each summer I plan on doing it. Jess
  4. Jess


    Welcome Tootie :)
  5. Jess


    Welcome Native You have access to the forums now :)
  6. You could try when they are ready, or when the weather is stormy as that seems to help :cheer:
  7. Well done! I am still constantly amazed by the quality of Bettas these days in LFS. However, they don't seem to make it over to Adelaide. :cheer:
  8. This has made my day! They look fantastic and gee they grow fast!!! Well done :giggle:
  9. It will dilute it if you dosed before the water change. Usually, I would dose daily for a week for adults or older fry. However being that they are young fry and may be stressed by the disease so perhaps dose them tomorrow. With dosing, you want the catch them before they encrust themselves and when they come back out looking for a host. Others may have more info on this as it was so long ago since I treated fry for ich I cannot remember. Jess
  10. Cheeky! was not even in the poll I voted for cichlids Hang on! I vote for a South American biotope :)
  11. Any of the grasses & other carpeting plants and you can just trim at your desired height. You'll need to maintain it regularly which ever way you go. :)
  12. Looking great Are they just beautiful fish? Bender, Nothos prefer alkaline water, not acidic like other species. There also do well in some salt too. I use marine salt to help buffer the water and keeps it stable and I boil the peat before I use it which helps it less likely to drop the pH.
  13. He is really really unique. I would be happy breeding for these colours and patterns over form!
  14. Aren't they beautiful! I have a few pairs of rachovii from Doug myself! Tease away ;)
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