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  1. Yes, they are smart So smart they have sucked me in to feeding them, changing there water, entertaining them, and finding them partners :unsure:
  2. I have already said sorry in another thread, but looking at that female again you must feel terrible She is such a beautiful girl and it must be gut wrenching to lose her... especially since you just got her She really was a gift wasn't she all the best and I hope your other spawns are successful and the rest of the new family settle in all right Lisa
  3. :) to AAQ! Say hi to the little guy that kick started your betta bug All the best and hope you find a lovely pair to spawn Lisa
  4. Happy Belated birthday Stacey and Sammc Hope you both had a great time All the best! Lisa
  5. Limmo


    :lol: to AAQ Merry!
  6. She is beautiful :D
  7. Happy belated Birthday Hope you had a good one :(
  8. Limmo

    Hey all

    Leo looks soooo much like my very first betta! Sam and Gus are cute :D
  9. ;) sorry to hear about the pretty blue boy/girl Celeste Great to here you are going to breed him and someone HAS to get that gold boy..he sounds gorgeous! All the best :D
  10. He is a pretty boy Any plans on breeding him?
  11. Beautiful guppies And the photos aren't to bad :)
  12. Limmo


    :thumbs: to AAQ The tank rack sounds great! All the best and hope you get some lovely babies Lisa
  13. Limmo

    Hey all

    Hi Kat to AAQ Lisa and her betta gang ( )
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