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  1. more = they're supposed to eat cyano...........but I've never seen it..was just wondering...B) This is from the aquagreen fact sheet.
  2. Have you tried waterhouse snails?
  3. You can use a drop checker, there is a good DIY article on APC (still allowed to provide links to APC?)
  4. I would go with Peter's recommendation of Elatine, it's so very easy to grow.
  5. Do you have any Excel? Maybe you could mix some up and use an atomiser?
  6. AFAIK we dont have these Eriocaulon sp. 'Goias' Eriocaulon sp. 'Mato Grosso' Crinum calamistratum reproduces slowly so can be very expensive. Ophiopogon japonica is mondo grass Where'd the list come from?
  7. here are some photos of the ones I got off someone Mine produced eggs but nothing ever eventuated.
  8. someone had some interesting ones a while back, http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtop...6&hl=snails Dave at aquagreen sells a few different native varieties as well.
  9. 3 WPG seems like a lot of work, you'll have to stay on top of everything CO2, ferts and ummm other stuff What plants do you plan on keeping?
  10. Fanwort, Cabomba caroliniana, is a weed of national significance http://www.weeds.gov.au/publications/guide...aroliniana.html.
  11. ADA sellers can get in trouble for selling outside of their ummm....country/range. The price is debateable, some people believe the prices could be much lower, especially when compared with American prices. Another aussie online retailer was selling it a year or two ago for a much lower price, but I believe they lost their right to sell it or something? Suppose it depends if your in it for the money or for the hobby.
  12. it's Utricularia gibba can become a nussaince, but certainly better than algae.
  13. It's always helpful to know what type of algae you are dealing with, each can be specific to certain parameter imbalances.
  14. you can only buy the 40w compact fluros from guppy AFAIK the normal/regularly stocked wattages are 24,36,55 age of aquariums stock these as do many otherr retailers.
  15. thats more expensive than the prices ive seen online. If you want native shrimp have a look at www.aquagreen.com.au you want the caridina not the macrobrachium/cherax, its possible bettas will eat them.
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