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    Other that fighting fish, I have 2 tortoises which can't get along in the same tank so alas now each have their own seperate quarters. I enjoy motorsport with F1 and V8s being the main ones I follow. I work full time in a job I love as program coordinator. Haven't been on any forums for a while and looking forward to expanding my fishy family.<br />I have a german shepherd pup called Sampson other than my partner he is the light of my life! I will mostly likely be adding to my family another dog sometime next year. I am just rediscovering my passion for photography.
  1. Belated Happy Birthday, hope you had a fab day :)
  2. Happy Birthday, hope you have a fabulous day, ice skating and a huge mall sounds great fun :o
  3. Hello and welcome Tara, great introduction and what a wonderful thing to share as a family ;)
  4. Ok, taking Faewyn suggestion on board and posting here to get people's idea about where and when they want to meet up.... could be a nice get together have a few drinks, bit of fish related talk or more, so post your ideas here. Cheers, Heidi
  5. Great stuff Liz, keep us posted on how it goes :)
  6. Happy Birthday Mousie, hope you had a fabbo day :)
  7. Hello & welcome Adam, great to see another Adelaidian cheers, Heidi
  8. Hello and welcome Tessa. I love bringing new fish home and can watch them for hours. Cheers, Heidi
  9. I don't know much about guppies either but they are definately eye catching!
  10. Welcome Lisa tell us more about your fishy family
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