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  1. Wow, they're stunning!
  2. Just wanted to share some photos of Boscar, my lutino/albino red oscar. Sadly I lost the other 2 of the trio and Boscar's the sole survivor (not that he cares). Boscar's past times include digging holes in the gravel, going at odd angles under the internal filters and wanting 'kisses' when you walk by the tank. And here he was as a wee little baby back in October last year Guess I'd be happy be a happy fish too with 650 litres to swim around in
  3. Just wanting to know if there's any plans for the meeting after July... unfortunately I haven't had a very good year and keep missing all the meetings :P
  4. Is the next meeting on the 6th March? I'll be back at college so hopefully I can make it down there for the weekend.
  5. I got some of these beauties back in Septmeber and my mum's got a few females in a community tank and to her surprise one of them has changed from the red dragon to almost completely gold with only a few pinky spots on her fins... anyone else had strange colour changes?
  6. Em

    New Tank

    Tank has gravel and is full, got a nice sized rock (that's been in assorted aquariums for over 20 years) and are still trying to work out where to get the best 'driftwood' from. Unfortuantely Lyarlla I think the oscars would make very short work of Java fern or any other plants I added
  7. Em

    New Tank

    Don't have a lot of decorations at the moment, just some rocks and a few things we've picked up, tempted to go and get some 'driftwood' that was washed down in the last flood.
  8. Em

    New Tank

    Cleaned out the bit of old gravel, washed in the inside and put 50 kgs of 'hunter' gravel into there, it's covered the bottom but only about 5cms so got a bag of 'coffs' gravel which is getting washed tomorrow and added. Going to try to fill it up tomorrow and get a few smaller filters in there for now, with the size of the tank I'm thinking about making my own sump instead of running several filters. Any advice? More pics tomorrow!
  9. Em

    The Trio

    They're not in there as yet, I need to get a step ladder and give it a real good clean out, rinse the dirt of 50kgs of gravel and so much more to do and not enough energy to do it...
  10. Em

    The Trio

    Got some updated photos of the trio. The lutino red is by far the biggest and the little tiger is the smallest, you can see in the photos that he has some scales off one side and his fins are a bit torn up but I don't think it's fighting as they've been all happily swimming around and over each other since I got home. The red is a bit of a pig but the other 2 still get their share of the food. I just love the little tiger in this one. Waiting on the glass lids for the big tank but hopefully we'll get them in there by Xmas
  11. Em

    New Tank

    Just took these pictures... on the top is a 1L measuring jug and on the other side and inside are beanie boxes (hopefully you can make out the beanie boxes). Wasn't game to put the toaster in there Hope it helps you visualise Lilli
  12. Em

    New Tank

    The stand that the tank is resting on has a metal frame supporting the wood, the guy who owned it previously (and had the tank for well over 15 years) made the stand especially for the tank. At the moment my 3 foot + eel are kind of in the middle of the room until we get my 'small' 6 ft moved over to my mum's, once it's moved I'll take some shots of the supports... the foam thing is still annoying the heck out of me, but it took two strong men to lift the darn thing onto the stand so looks like I'll have to cut some off and somehow wedge it under the end
  13. Em

    New Tank

    I'm planning on getting one of those 2 or 3 step little step ladders to clean it out, plus a really long hose on the gravel vac. I keep looking at it and thinking 'Is it too big?' but I know there's no such thing
  14. Em

    New Tank

    Yesterday we went and picked up my new tank, it's massive and it's definately not going anywhere in a hurry. The stand itself is just over 3 foot high and the tank is 2 foot... my eye level is right where the glass top sits. We spent a good few hours scraping the blue paint off the back and one side of it, the last side I can do in my own time... I'm just slightly annoyed that the foam underlay stuff it's about 10cms short on one end... I'll update with more pictures when I get it cleaned, filled and the oscar trio in it.
  15. Hey Lilli, the killifish eggs were a fizzer Aparts from the 40+ degree day I had an OK b'day, we had a bunch of Japanese agriculture students visiting and Sunday night was a big dinner for them and their host families. However I did get a great 'present' from mum... a 6ft, 650ish L fish tank and stand, she's taking the 300L 6 ft-er and stand to her place for Elva the eel to live in, we pick it up on Sunday. My oscars will be happy :)
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