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    Obvoiusly little Betta Fighting Fishies,<br />um i enjoy web design, television, music, movies, martial arts, other animals (dogs, cats horses), cross stitch...<br /><br />AFL (Sydney Swans)<br />WWE (wrestling) (Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels)
  1. Unfortunately not successfully, Tamworth water is not betta friendly. Only ever had one fry live to adulthood, *Bonsai* as he was called was about 1/5 the size of a normal betta, lived to 1 year. But all the rest seem to die in my terrible horrible water no matter what I tried... and I tried like everything.
  2. Holidays? What the hell are they?!
  3. Congrats someone! the place looks fantastic... if only I was up there I'd definitely come in for a look :)
  4. Hope you have a fantastic day Kitz :woohoo:
  5. yep greedy impatient little things they are :)
  6. welcome to the forum you MUST post pics of these gorgeously described fish!
  7. welcome check out the breeding basics and other spawn threads for info :)
  8. welcome! yes the smaller tanks can be much harder to maintain than bigger ones, it's harder to keep a balance on things ;)
  9. y2jdaze


    Welcome cruise around, check out the articles on the home page and the forum posts, this place is swelling with info :D
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