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    Obvoiusly little Betta Fighting Fishies,<br />um i enjoy web design, television, music, movies, martial arts, other animals (dogs, cats horses), cross stitch...<br /><br />AFL (Sydney Swans)<br />WWE (wrestling) (Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels)
  1. Unfortunately not successfully, Tamworth water is not betta friendly. Only ever had one fry live to adulthood, *Bonsai* as he was called was about 1/5 the size of a normal betta, lived to 1 year. But all the rest seem to die in my terrible horrible water no matter what I tried... and I tried like everything.
  2. if you have natural gravel you can put it on a tray and bake it in the oven at the highest heat for about 20 mins.... that oughta do the trick! otherwise for glass etc. plain bleach and water and lots of rinsing and dry in the sun. I've also used aquasan (which is a bit more concentrated than netsan i think from comparing the bottles)
  3. Holidays? What the hell are they?!
  4. Congrats someone! the place looks fantastic... if only I was up there I'd definitely come in for a look :)
  5. y2jdaze

    Over Flared?

    it's possible he got so excited he smacked himself up the glass, if he's coming good now then I'd say it was something like over excitment or whacking himself, just keep an eye on him :)
  6. that dragon is STUNNING! *Drool*
  7. oh I lOVE that boy, he's gorgeous!
  8. lol Lilli i've been shaped for 2 weeks! it's so evil! However yesterday it all kicked back in for the new month hehe, I've upgraded now as well so i'm speedy speedy (and have more DL allowed lol!) Gorgeous fishies Can't wait to see the next lot of pics :D
  9. yeah my run of bad luck continues!
  10. :D they all bonsaied and died am currently trying to get a new spawn going, had a pair wrap but yielded no eggs *rolls eyes* useless fish!
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