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  1. My 3 Aqua nova canister filters have been running for about 3 years no problems. There are a full range of spare parts available for them too. I recommend them :)
  2. You can also click on your name above where your avatar would be and there is a drop down box that appears. At the bottom of this there is a 'Show members posts' option. If you click that it will display all of the posts made by a member
  3. i just found a starter culture that i won in the SSS raffle over a month ago on the fish shelf. Surprisingly they were still alive on the sponge in the sealed plastic bag! Tough things!
  4. Dwarf gourami's (inc dwarf, cobalt blue, royal red or whatever every supplier calls them) are pretty much the worst and weakest gourami for keeping alive. Their colours are quite amazing but these days it seems they are lucky if they even survive the trip here and once they have finished qt 2 weeks later they just look even worse. Maybe if you still want a dwarf gourami you could get something like a Fire gourami, honey gourami etc. There are also other cool little ones like Sparkling and Croaking gouramis aswell. :)
  5. Got any pics of these? I love paradise fish and these sound nice. Ive bred them before, similar way to bettas.
  6. Phil

    New Tank

    What sort of decorations are you looking to put in there? Give the oscars abit of territory each or something?
  7. Alrighty. Would you like them this weekend some time?
  8. Hey Lisa, How many of them survived? Ive got about 20 more if you wanted to add some numbers to your lil colony. Apparently all sparkling gourami's are wild caught in countries like thailand. Im pretty sure that the croakers are wild caught too.
  9. They are not on the import list so you cannot get them Legally here. Goodluck trying to get them added. Its near impossible and very expensive i hear to get fish added to the list :D
  10. Phil

    The Trio

    Glad you like them Em, They should grow really fast, i know my two are growing amazingly quick!! Keep us updated!! :)
  11. Ive got no idea on guppy breeding, but i figure it would take many generations, just like bettas.
  12. Yep there are guppies with 180* spread, some slightly over in both male and female. I was importing these gorgeous things from Malaysia earlier in the year but found that they were a small bodied fish with a massive tail and i think this lead to them being a weaker strain. These days weve gone back to importing from srilanka where the strongest guppies in the world come from, but unfortunatly tail size/spread is second to bright colour and thick strong bodies.
  13. Ive always liked that Raphael. They had a 'pair' at a LFS near me. I know the guy who breeds the striped talking cats for the australian hobby does so by hormone injection since they tend to be almost impossible to breed any other way in captivity (or so im told) Goodluck with them :dance:
  14. I found a gorgeous CT at work that looks exactly like him the other day. I put it aside on top of a tank and forgot about him and he was gone when i came back in on monday!! Not happy!! beautiful fish :)
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