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  1. Mike and Ned. i think they are great names and we would make wonderful godparents.
  2. i have a bonsai tree, its a ficus, really cool thing, i think there just potbound though, even though they say there not. i dunno. next time im in the nursery ill see if its possible to get one. although the leaves are quite small.
  3. its not cheap, easy, clean, or quick to feed fry. good things to have on hand are, microworms, vinegar eels, baby brine shrimp. (maybe even a dry type of food, such as Tim Addis fry powder).
  4. i dont think your meant to feed in the spawning tank unless there in for a long time, recomended two weeks of high protein food (blood worms, brine shrimp etc.) but atleast a week. i dont know about the temperature theory, but i have heard and read that if you use an old male with young female you will get more female fry, or if you use a young male with an old female you will get more male fry. or was it the other way around?
  5. that triband boy is awesome!!! but i like them all well done :)
  6. Mike great looking fish and so sorry to hear about your girl, she was a beauty!
  7. sorry im late happy birthday Stace! and Sam!!! hope all went well and your wishes and dreams come true!!!
  8. Ned

    Old Age?

    i dunno whats going on with poor george but he seems to be hanging in like a trooper, although he isnt looking to good at all. i wonder if he is suffering?
  9. i do have lots of copper girls yay thanks celeste!!! bloody genetics!!
  10. sorry to say Stu, but that guy is one ugly lookin fishy! how big is he? actually, i wouldnt mind getting one myself now hehe.
  11. he needs to build his muscle so he gets a firm grip on her and squeezes her hard. wow that sounds so... sinister! good luck!!!
  12. and no pics, shame on you Beano, shame shame shame! maybe heavy metal for humans is a new way to express out anger at parents and school... wait, that was 40 years ago. okay well maybe we need it to keep our feet on the ground because really there is no gravity but they've been secretly feeding us heavy metal so we dont fly anywhere. im smart, the Jetsons civilisation never ate heavy metals, neither did astroboy or superman.
  13. you need an oscar mike wow they have grown up into such nice looking little monkeys! Well done on a kinda successful spawn. hahaha youtube rocks!!! i took a look at your other vids just incase there was like family outings i can have a crack at you with :(
  14. ohhh poor little snails, how did they die? YOU KILLED THEM! gee i never would have thought there is a snail website lmao... that server must be slow as!
  15. great... i was hoping someone would say different. i dont have a steel blue girl, now im going to have to look into investing into one.
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