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  1. BCC has organised permits from DAFF and asked ANGFA Qld to co-host a pest fish information day at Forest Lake on May 25. BCC Pest Fish Education Event Hope to see some locals there .
  2. The Queensland Federation of Aquarium Societies (QFAS) is holding another combined clubs super auction this Saturday! The combined clubs auctions are some of the biggest events on the aquarium hobby calendar for the greater Brisbane area. At QFAS Super Auction you can expect to see a lot of speciality fish, plants, aquarium furnishings, and lots of other hobby related odds and ends – much of which you’re not likely to find in a pet shop. Many club members maintain lineages that aren’t available commercially and/or regularly produce champion fish for our local shows, and bring their surplus a
  3. The ANGFA Qld February Meeting is being held this Friday (Feb 11 - details HERE).
  4. Yeah that's what he needs - someone else inflating his ego :P
  5. Some of the taxonomists don't recognize cornuta as a distinct species and some call it a subspecies (i.e. Ceratopteris thalictroides cornuta). Never heard the name 'Indian Fern' used for it before - very misleading for a plant with a pan-tropical distribution. I've always seen it called broad leaf water sprite.
  6. What does this button do ?!?

    1. Bettarazzi


      Which button was that?

    2. PeterJ


      Was an (apparently poor) attempt at humor.

    3. Bettarazzi


      Clearly mine was even poorer.

  7. Just letting the team know in case they want to fix it, not saying it's a huge issue .
  8. Using Chrome the drop-down menu attached to the username in the top right is permanently visible and covers the search tool.
  9. The almost vegetarian diet must be agreeing with them.
  10. Holy cr@p is thread still going!?!! This fishroom looks great Lisa, maybe one day I'll be able to afford a proper fishroom (apparently the kids take priority ). Unfortunately it takes a while for the lights to come on in in my current setup...
  11. The turle's pond is the most reliable infusoria culture I've ever had .
  12. Well done Abbey, they're looking great.
  13. Doesn't need to be that techo. Pretty much any inert open sponge will do (I used an old kids matress we were throwing out) and the plastic doesn't need to be opaque (I use overhead transparencies). Nowhere near as many pest problems in the soil free cultures - mites and fungus gnats always find their way ino the mix.
  14. Flour can still end up fermenting and it's trickier to get the wetness right - I gave it a go because it's cheap (but so are oats) and because am analysis I found in an aquaculture journal (sorry I didn't kep a reference) got better nutritional value and higher, longer lasting production from wheat flour than corn flour (last place) or oats (close second). I'd agree with the higher production but I rekon about one in four cultures I start with flour don't take (prolly just my sloppy technique) and if I don't top up the flour after a week or two they drown as the water separates. If you want to
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