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  1. Congratulations on the new shop JL! It's been a journey but the shop is looking wonderful. Now to convince Nam that we need to come up to Brisvegas... ;)
  2. Wow, to retrieve a memory that long ago?? Ok I remember St Kilda aquarium, Subscape and that's about it. Depends on what you're after, etwee?
  3. happy belated birthday!! Wow.. I've known you for 4 years already??? Time sure has flown.. i remember when you were this.... - | | | | | - tall ;)
  4. Congratulations Klara! Big step towards being an adult Or so the radio show has be believe...
  5. Congrats on the new addition... Beautiful bub and name!
  6. Not really that pricey... Subscape aquarium in Richmond occassionally has them as does St Kilda aquarium if you want to see them in the flesh!
  7. Hi there, lovely looking tank! Whereabouts did you get the discus? Thinking of restarting a 4ft discus tank we had that crashed awhile back. Lost all but 1 :thumbs:
  8. Heheh... Najrick, Daryl is someone the priest was marrying Nam during the mass... it was hilarious. The priest was like 'Nam and Daryl... I mean, Nam and Michelle.... ' for pictures.. check out this thread http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtop...30&start=30
  9. Thanks Starwing for sharing... we only just got back from the honeymoon this arvo and been busy settling in the new kids Yes, everyone give me the cold shoulder... I'll be sure to sick Daryl onto them :P
  10. Starwing... as long as it's a picture of Nam and myself.. not Nam and Daryl :lol:
  11. thanks guys... still recovering.. more from the weddingness rather than the birthdayness
  12. Oh... Happy birthday to the two boys!
  13. Mishy


    A pair of anomolachromis thomasi would be nice. I have a pair and they're the best personality... more so than the bettas Throw in a small school of neons as target fish and you'll most likely get a broody couple. Mine are useless because they get distracted when after 2 days of guarding eggs..
  14. Have fun guys.... I unfortunately have to skip it as I can't skip my pre race rub down.... Dragon boat biggest victorian meet on the next day to coincide with Moomba :lol:
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