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how many?

fighter boy

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hay all. i was wondering how many fighters you guys are actually keeping at this stage.....

this doesnt include fry from your own spawn for sale... i want to know how many fighters you guys keep for your personal collection. this may include the juvies that you intend to keep for yourself.

also i would like a total or estimate to how many you have. including fry from spawns....

i only have 2 at the moment...

red male VT and a female of some description red as well..

thanx all..

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2 x giants

2 x Black copper CT

1 x chocolate halfmoon

1 x marble blue green plakat

1 x red CT

1 x midget red butterfly cambo combtail

1 x red midget combtail

1 x red with blue irrid combtail midget

1 x Black copper CT midget


1 x yellow long fin VT female

2 tanks full of assorted other midget females (about 20-30, haven't counted).


3 x ?Giant VTxPK

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wow!! ok thats a fair few... hopefully if i can convince my mum to let me use my old room as a breeding room i will get more. especially some HM and giants if possible... are they hard to breed... giants i mean....

keep em comming people...

good stuff guys.. thanx.,

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im still new to bettas so i have at the moment


-red hm

-blue mask bf hm

-melano bf hm

-blue dragon ohm

-orange purple ohm


-metalic green black lace hm

-white opaque dt hm

-orange sd hm geno

-blue dragon hm

so thats 9 for me and im planning for more :(

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1 x Multicolour Marble CTM

1 x Multicolour CTM

2 x Blue/Red VTMs

Expecting tomorrow:

1 x Dalmation HMM

Expecting soon (from Thailand, in quarantine now):


2 x MG/Pineapple HMFs

1 x Steel Blue HMM

2 x Steel Blue HMFs

1 x Blue/Black CTF

1 x Blue/Black/White Balok CTM

1 x Green TriBand HMM

2 x Green TriBand HMF

1 x Blue/Opaque Marble BF HMM

All of the Thailand ones are breeding stock. The Balok and Black Orchid female are both stunning with amazing fins, and will make a great CT line. The steel blues are award winners, and are being used for their finnage. They'll be bred along with the MGs, who have steel bases, and possibly with the Tribands, who are from the same breeders. The Marble BF is what I want to work towards, and I'm hoping to get three separate lines, enhanced by the excellent finnage of the Steels.

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It's easier for me just to total up all the fish.

22 males (10 are intended for sale but I might end up keeping a couple)

35 females (17 are intended for sale)

hopefully with some luck and finance some of them are coming my way... hehe... i cant wait for the pics....

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ok we have (meaning between Misfit and I)

4 CT males

1 VT Male

1 HM male

6 CT Females

1 HM Female & another on the way from Betterazzi

As for fry:

170ish 7 weeks old CT fry

63 2 week old CT Fry fry

undetermined number of 4 day old HM fry

We would have like 8 more males but we had a bought of fin rot sweep through the tanks and kill most of them.

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I have:


1. Lavendar HM

2. Black orchid HM

3. Orange HM

4. Orange SD

5. 2 x Yellow Dragon Hm

6. Multicolour irid HM

7. Copper CT

8. Pastel CTDT

9. Female lavendar VT

10. Female VT yellow

11. Female green torq(wild colour) VT

12. Female Yellow Dragon HM

13. Female Orange HM

Coming up

1. Gold HMPK male

2. Full Torq mask HMPK male

3. Full torq mask HMPK Female


1. Gold HMPK Female :o

I never know i have that much Geez. so obsessed

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im glad to hear many are carrying on the hobby and i can only hope hen you have kids you get to them early and get them kooked. lol haha.

Our 3 yo is already hooked, he was checking out our 2 that we are trying to breed put this arvo and even put an extra 1/2 cup in there for doorsy to pick from!! Mwahaha bettas will take over the world!!

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Well, I DID have spare change. After all the payments and the fees, I definitely have no spare change left! I also bought a couple of fish for my breeding partner for her marble CT and dragon lines.

I now have the Orange Pastel with the Dalmation spots.

1 down, 12 more to go!

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