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    I enjoy raising my four beautiful children and teaching them how to keep fit and healthy. I enjoy helping people improve their quality of life through Personal Training and Boot Camps. I just love Betta's and I also enjoy reading a good book.
  1. African cichlids ,lombardi, electric yellow, red empress, purpe papango, catfish and a white one that the man i got the tank off didnt know what it was.
  2. Thanks guys. I dont know what I did, but would it have been possible for air or something to build up inside on the car trip. I undid the top, pulled hoses off and put them back on. I got it when I picked up a 4ft tank for $200 with decorations gravel and about 8 fish was told it was a JB103. Anyway it kept leaking water pouring out everywhere I was just about to give up i pushed the prime button( big blue button on top of the canister) I think thats what it is called a few more times and it just started working. Thanks Again
  3. Hi Could someone please help I picked up a 4ft tank today and it come with a canister filter which I'm pretty sure was working. Ive got it home set up the tank and I have water everywhere its coming out the top and side's of the canister what have I done wrong?
  4. Hi I havent been around for awhile was wondering if there will be anymore Brisbane gatherings this year? Charlie
  5. Well done, it looks good I also thought I had gone to the wrong website lol, Thankyou for all your time and effort.
  6. I'm not coming, I've had sick kids for the last few weeks and have been sick myself, I'm exhausted and my Grandmother is in town only for a few days. I'm hoping to make the next one and should have some bettas to bring. Sorry for the late notice Charlie
  7. I'll be at someone's shop my eldest daughter Madison will be coming as well, we will also go to Macca's but not sure about the auction's yet. I havent got anything to bring at this point hope thats ok. Lol Paul there is nothing like a Macca's party with icecream cake. Is there plenty of parking near someone's shop?
  8. I'm going to check out someone's shop, I really hope a venue comes up I was really looking forward to meeting you all. My eldest daughter informed me last night she would like to come along, so if you all decide just to meet at the auction my sister inlaw should be able to handle three kids for a few hours lol
  9. ok whats happening I take it the Cafe has been cancelled I'm happy to offer my place but I'm not close to the city so that dosent suite, I hope you come up with a venue soon, I wasnt planning on going to the auction as I need to get back to my kids I dont think my sister in law could handle the four of them for that long.
  10. I spawn in 2ft tanks i have about 5 inches of water ,I also have java moss a small pot on its side a IAL leaf, sponge filter and some bubble wrap for building bubble nest under the bubble nest dosent always get built there but it gives them a few options. I slowly top up the tank and usually dont need to clean the bottom of it until the fry are big enough to avoid being sucked up, mine stay in the same tank until they start to nip each other or I can sex them. charlie
  11. welcome to the forum
  12. Sounds great cant wait. plenty of time to organise a babysitter and save some money lol
  13. sorry the first and last one I'm keeping and I think Madison claimed the middle two. Rainy has the rest of the spawn. :)
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