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  1. Hey Lilli, I'm gonna have to have a 1 load maximum of clothes in the laundry, and if anyone's interested I've got a deep freezer for sale (or possible swap for plant and fishy goodness) but i think I'll squeeze it in there. It'll be a place of quiet and contemplation of life, mainly because i don't think I'll be able to fit anyone else in there. I'd like to add a side note, and i hope i don't offend any sponsors, but i believe that the kids and animal lovers of Griffith will sorely miss Stew and Row of Pets and All. I hope that they will once again find their passion and open another st
  2. My favourite LFS is shutting down, Which means that i no longer have a place to let the boys run wild, drink coffee, and talk fertilizer about fish... :) On the plus side, I've just scored 1 x 6 footer, complete with monster yellow belly, cannister, heater and driftwood, 1 x brand new 3 footer, 6 x 2 footers all complete with undergravel filters, gravel, heaters etc, 3 x 6 foot lights and globes, 6 foot three tier stand and a lifetimes worth of water testing supplies.... My only problems, my laundry is barely big enough to fit this in, let alone look at and appreciate them, deciding
  3. As always, nicely done. hmmm, when do you think you'll be selling some off???
  4. rose


    hey kate. Good to have you (
  5. hey welcome to the forum! For microworms and vinegar eels pm fighters 4 u (cassie) she has wonderful cultures, that although we havent used yet are still alive and kicking after more than 6 months of neglect..... This is a great forum and everyone is really helpful!
  6. Got back from hospital today to see george on the bottom of his tank on his side. Damo had treated his water with salt and Melafix and dropped the water level but unfortuantly he passed away with an hour of me getting home. We think it was finrot, but does it normally only take 2 days to kill them?
  7. Ghengis Try setting it up a little simpler ie your 3 ltr btle, tubing, straight to the diffuser. Could help to eliminate the Q of if your system is sealed (Remember, the more joins the greater the chance of a leak) Also, from what i've seen, the larger the chamber, the more gradual (but longer lasting) CO2 production. Perhaps a smaller chamber will produce a more violent CO2 production, either that or try a double mix. Just be aware that the quicker the CO2 prodution, the quicker that the alcohol will be produced and kill off your little yeasties Question to all others, anyone tried u
  8. Hey folks. To fill in the background, i had a small piece of driftwood with 2 anubis (spelling??) and some java moss in my native tank and really lost control of the algae situation. this resulted in a complete covering with some sort of green algae. The native tank has been since dismantled, scrubbed, and rebuilt, but without the aforementioned driftwood... it's found a new home with mr george, the orange dragon. Not wanting to use algae control, i've put a small BN in with george (who, incedently is absolutley stoked with his new tank mate). Unfortunately, the BN seems unable to consume t
  9. We've got the same type. After a couple of weeks it dosn't seem to produce enough pressure to push through the membrane. Try giving your bottle a quick shake to get them little yeasties going, or it may have gotten a little cold and slowed down a bit. What sort of sugar are you using? lol I'm using icing suger satchels from cake mixes (for some reason the kids went through a stage of not wanting icing on the cakes.... go figure) and i've got a green solution at the moment. i also found that i had to glue my tube onto the diffuser as the pressure kept on detaching it....
  10. We had a good day today. Got heaps of housework done, so got permission from the boss to strip down the algal mess that was the native tank and rebuild . Scubbed down the driftwood, inserted new rocks, prayed to the gods and whala and including it's essential spiderman lamp (you know that every tank wants one..) the purple spotted gudgeon the cod the cod, the gudgeon, and the snail housework not included, I had a good day :P
  11. Our girls (3 of) are in with 11 guppys , 4 kuhli loaches (ethan's snake fish), Phil the BN cat , Mr Chew the peppered cat, and buzz the bumble bee goby. The only problem I have is coming up with new names and working out why 1 of the borneo sword has droped all of its leaves
  12. It's great watching them isn't it! Oscars tank is a 3ft on a 4ft stand, and i have photo boxes on either side, i think he want to eat my kids coz he does what Logans doing all the time. We threaten ethan with getting fed to oscar all the time, problem is he isn't scared of him, now E will hand feed him and laugh when Oscar gets his fingers!!
  13. Wow that looks fantastic!! Can't wait to see it with the boys!!! :unsure:
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