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  1. Psssst I have spare tanks here LOL. I got ripped off with the marble girls I bought off you, they are both now just a pretty teal colour all over LOL.
  2. hello my darling Aunty T!!!

    guess who!

  3. Nothing wrong with curvy :blush:
  4. Hey welcome aboard, and another Ipswich person yay!!!!!
  5. I always got told to take a sample from the middle of the water level. I hope you find out what it is that is causing you problems.
  6. Lordy there are lots of dovalakies you can buy LOL. Little pots, bridges, hidey holes etc that they can hide in, and play in.
  7. I loved looking at all your photos. Now I'm impatient so see more as well LOL.
  8. Gorgeous fish Shadoh, but your taste in music leaves a bit to be desired LOL.
  9. You have some gorgeous babies there Shadoh. I still have to seperate my other boys, so at the moment the music I would choose to play with any video would be Jaws. Bits and pieces missing everywhere ~sighs~.
  10. I'd also be interested busman :)
  11. I'm thinking Spur has thought he's died and gone to fishy heaven. Good buy, he's a gorgeous boy!
  12. cost of females start at $15 for standard grade form and colour. Cheers, J

  13. Hi someone, I have a white crowntail boy at the moment that everyone has indicated could be a platinum colour? I'm wondering how much your crowntail females are? I might have to make a special trip in one day next week :)

  14. Sure thing. :)

    Hope you had a great day. :D

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