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  1. This is my first pep spawn they have been out of the log for 2 weeks now. Looks to be about 50 of them.
  2. Soda stream bottle !!! they can be refilled
  3. My new challange is to keep them alive and maybe spawn them.
  4. Well ive been selling alot of these guys to my lfs. The pics are of the next batch to go. And then only about 25 to go.
  5. Hi Well this is my first time ive had rams and the first time ive spawned them. I kept the fry in a 20 litre tank with a sponge filter. Feed egg yolk spray first day after that MW & bbs. Sucked the muck off the bottom of the tank every 3 days & replaced water. Water... PH 6.8 temp 27 nitrIte 0 ammonia 0 thats all i know about the water ( i do use home brew IAL ) Im a big fan of live food. I do have good success at raising fry. The only other chiclids i have is yellow labs & green terrors. I do want other small chiclids problem is ... They have to be low maintenan
  6. Well this lots around 8 weeks old and ready for the lfs.
  7. Well im not into mollies but i had to have them the colour is a nice clean yellow.
  8. How many do you want. The fish are free just have to pay for postage and heat pack.
  9. Wells i have about 180 of them . Death rate im only guessing around 20% in the first 2 weeks . Started with MW BBS then onto chopped blackworms and shaved frozen blood worms. Now on pellets bloodworms black worms.
  10. Yeah its a good sized spawn for my first time at breeding rams. And im not sure there is 151 of them im positive its 151. It takes less time to count them then it does to take a good fish pic.
  11. Yeah we have them up here and they are called neon bluerams. $35.00 each
  12. Well the little suckers are about 10 weeks old and doing very well.
  13. Well the rams are 3 weeks old now. They are eating chopped blackworms and bbs. I have 151 of them.
  14. Well my bluerams spawned. Fanning the eggs. First day free swimming. 4 days free swimming.
  15. Well my green terrors spawned. I picked up my female last friday well it was spose to be a female!! turns out it was a male and the male i had was a female. So anyway i got a pair. I put the new fish in the tank on friday arvo by saturday night they had spawned. I removed about 100 fry from the main tank and will try to raise them.
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