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  1. African cichlids ,lombardi, electric yellow, red empress, purpe papango, catfish and a white one that the man i got the tank off didnt know what it was.
  2. Thanks guys. I dont know what I did, but would it have been possible for air or something to build up inside on the car trip. I undid the top, pulled hoses off and put them back on. I got it when I picked up a 4ft tank for $200 with decorations gravel and about 8 fish was told it was a JB103. Anyway it kept leaking water pouring out everywhere I was just about to give up i pushed the prime button( big blue button on top of the canister) I think thats what it is called a few more times and it just started working. Thanks Again
  3. Hi Could someone please help I picked up a 4ft tank today and it come with a canister filter which I'm pretty sure was working. Ive got it home set up the tank and I have water everywhere its coming out the top and side's of the canister what have I done wrong?
  4. Well done, it looks good I also thought I had gone to the wrong website lol, Thankyou for all your time and effort.
  5. welcome to the forum
  6. lol Thanks for the feedback Mitch.
  7. Hi I'm interested in the purple spotted gudgen but havent been able to find much info. I want to know if a 2ft tank would be suitable? Also might be a silly question but do I need to add anything like water conditioner to tank water? Thanks
  8. I love these guys I brought a pair for my husband when we lived in Cairns. They were such characters but beware they can get out of small holes. They breed really well too.
  9. Welcome, the $700 you spent is due to something called the Betta Bug it happens to the best of us lol Enjoy the forum.
  10. correct me if I'm wrong paulmans, but Goody I think you will found that they are one spawn ( juvies)
  11. Hi Troy Welcome my 8 year old daughter and I have been breeding Bettas. Where do you live ? Cheers Charlie
  12. The HMPKs are colouring up nicely and the lavendars are getting big.
  13. I have had two dwarf gouramis in a 2ft tank the only problem I had was the flame gourami was a bit bigger then my coral blue gourami, so the coral blue boy got picked on so I found a new home for the flame gourami and the coral boy is a lot happier and healthy on his own. I have had no dramas apart from what I wrote above and dont have small fish in with it they will disappear. I keep them in the same conditions as my bettas because they are from the same family, it is also best to keep the tank in a quiet area because they scare very easily, so its really up to you I have had mine for over 6
  14. Tara

    sup all

    Welcome you have come to the right place. :lol:
  15. Tara

    Hello all

    Welcome enjoy the forum :)
  16. Thanks Fighters4U I find mine love the frozen bloodworms as well and have also seen them chasing the live BBS. Is it ok just to have one in a tank or do the BN's do better in pairs. Thanks Again Charlie
  17. Hi Lyarlla I have had the Gobies in with the Guppies for awhile now they are the cutest things, I feed the guppies at the front of the tank and the Gobies at the back, they do prefer live food so they keep the guppy fry number down, sorry if this offends anyone. I just wasnt sure if the Bristlenose and Gobies would have a go at each other. Thanks
  18. Hi I havent been able to find anything on the net, so can anyone please tell me if Bumble Bee Gobies and bristlenoses can be put in the same tank with Guppies, the Gobies are in with the Guppies but I would like to get some Bristlenose, I had a Bristlenose in with the dwarf gouramis after being told they wouldnt touch it, then a few weeks later I found some of the Bristlenose in the plants. Thanks Charlie
  19. I never worried about heating in Cairns QLD, I had my setup in the garage and it was fine in the winter but in summer I had to keep an eye the water temp and make sure the water didnt get to hot. In Nowra NSW I have 25 watt heaters for my 20cm cubes. Charlie
  20. Welcome and enjoy the forum Charlie
  21. Thanks Heaps, Dracon it worked. :)
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    Welcome and enjoy the forum. Charlie
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