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  1. wow .. what a total change from the old layout.. Looked much more natural now, good work. cant wait to see the progress.
  2. omg u should start selling these phil!!! I bet ya alot of ppl will be interested .. (hint hint im interested xD)
  3. it looks great... I suggest adding more plants :(
  4. haaha IC SEEE kitzz.. ^ even "Fighters4U" is interested.. You better have more than 200 shrimps in there XD hehehe
  5. Wow they look gorgeous kitz!!!!! Those reds are so intense!!! Btw.. what's the size of the tank?
  6. Any updates on baby shrimps kitz?
  7. ^ Wahh kitz.. how many fry at the moment??? I'm so gonna plan on purchasing it, Im placing an order of 100 LOL JK..
  8. ^ sudden change in temperature ... UGhhh.. i just remembered i did like 70%Water change, coz i had to move my tank to another place. no wonder T__T Do you know where i can find potassium permanganate solution? in chemist, LFS?? thx someone
  9. ^ thankx.. fighting ick outbreak at the moment T__T
  10. Hi guyz, Since one of my corydoras died, i have seen if not all my fish to experience some kind of ick. I couldn't see any white-spots yet, but have observed twitching and scratching behavior often in the tank so I'm assuming that its the beginning of an ick outbreak. I've already treated the fish with high-temp (30Degree C)and salt (lower dose 1tsp/5gallon). Though, i can guarantee that the disease infestation is due to my newly plants purchase from my LFS. I only washed the plants in tap water for about 5 min and added in straight to the tank. The questions are: - What quarantining che
  11. nice pictures and those tetras looked awesome.
  12. Yeah.. I heard bad stories about them.. I'll probably add all the plants, and aquascape it properly before i add the crypts. Thx Michael, ill keep note on it.
  13. I thought some of the crypt species can adapt to low-lighting, I think it was the wenditii. Im not sure though, but the price tag in my lfs is 8 bucks per potted crypt and it looked like its almost dead... so i guess a nono for crypt. Thx for the suggestion , im gonna be doing more research on those plants.
  14. KOol cant wait to see the diy project :)
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