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G'day All


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Hi MM! Welcome to AusAqua ^_^

Whereabouts are you from?

I live In Gladstone Central QLD... So it is subtropical here.

No need for a heater in my tanks... ^_^

Hi MissMuffet and welcome.

What colour is your VT? I think VT's are very graceful!

I get mesmerised watching them swim!

I'll post of few pictures of my and my works VT's soon.

VT's seem to be overlooked by the more flamboyant breeds

Longlive VT's :P

My VT is the normal one... Iridescent blue with red under his chin (If he has a chin that is!?)

My new fish is a CT with blue iridescent body and red finnage

He is sooo much smaller than "Blu Boy"... They grow up so fast... :dance:

I have uploaded a little video I made of Blu Boy on www.youtube.com , there are about a million bettas on there, well worth a look.

If you would like to see him, just look under my nick MissMuffitt..

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A big hello and welcome to AusAqua. :) We are also from Gladstone QLD. I will have to introduce you to the wonderful world of the HM, there is really no turning back once you get your hands on your first. I will PM your our contact info as you are more then welcome to pop in for some coffee and see how these little fish can really turn your home into a mad house. :blink: Najina and Pat

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