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  1. I have just bought 2 of these. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/New-Bio-Sponge-Filt...VQQcmdZViewItem Does anyone know if they are ok or not? I am a bit confused as to how to put them in my betta tanks... I see where the air hose goes, but what is that top part?? It is called a Manifild Adapter, cap on the back of the packaging. Any Ideas guys??
  2. His tale is only about 1 cm long now How will he swim if it is just a stump!!! He has started chewing the other fins too..... I will take another pic to show you what I mean.
  3. After all this He is still biting his tale... They both love the plants and lay all over them! I have tried everything you have all said to stop him biting and he is still doing it. I am all out of ideas...
  4. Ok everyone... I took your advice and have added a teaspoon of rock salt to both of their tanks and have added some floating weed. They both seem happy about there new plants! I have also added a new filter ($10 in Big W) to BluBoys tank and it does not seem to be bothering him at all, I will buy one for Flame on Monday I thing. What are your opinions of how I have it set up now and do you thing that this will help stop him biting his tale???
  5. No, I turn it on for about 6 hours a day...
  6. What sort of floating plant do you suggest? I have them separated with a divider and the lava lamp is at the back of them and both can see it, but not each other.
  7. He is sitting right next to Flame( See above post of the tank setup) and Flame is not stressed at all. No I have not gotten any salt for him as yet... how do I know how much rock salt to put in? I will buy some for him today.
  8. Well.... I am at a total loss here. He is still bighting it!! He can not see Flame at all and is eating normally and still looks good... Except for the loss of tail!! I will take another pic and show you. This is him 10 days ago And when he started biting it. And now!!!
  9. So these are what you call "Bio" filters. They have living things in them to get rid of the fishes poo and excess food right??(To but it in layman's terms!) And these must be turned on 24/7 At the moment, I have bluboy and Flame separated so that they can not see each other and have done another 1/3 water change on both of them, I have not put those filters back that that were int he tanks. I thought I would just try the water change twice a week and see how that goes... what do you think? I just looked those filters again... I was going to get 2 but the postage is 39.80US total for my 2 little filters is $53.78 US, my hubbie would kill me if I spent that much on these fish!!! Any one know of these he in Australia???? BluBoy is looking much better and I think he might have stopped nipping his tale I think you might have been right about getting stressed about seeing flame every day all day!! I will keep you all posted about how he get on. Also... will his tale grow back???? it is looking a bit worse for ware...
  10. I just had a look on Ebay... What do you think of this one? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Aquarium-Fish-Tank-...1QQcmdZViewItem Or this ... http://cgi.ebay.com.au/BIO-Waterfall-FILTE...1QQcmdZViewItem How many litres per hour for a 5.7 ltr tank? All of these seem to no be able to regulate the speed of the water??? I am very new at this fish stuff... need help :P
  11. He had been fine with the plastic plants, he sometimes lays on them. They are very soft. I have not seen him nip himself, but there are very small pieces of "Stuff" at the bottom of his tank, and when I run the filter and they get sucked up you can see they are blue. I will not be running the filter again, just doing WC's. He started doing this after his last water change, maybe I took too much out and he didn't like it?? And then over fed him with frozen brine shrimp, and then fasted him for the next day... They were the events leading up to this... What do you all think??
  12. I got both of mine from Big W.. They were only $35 each. I will be very interested to know how you go with this new filter as I have turned mine off and intend to WC every few days. I will take a pick of the 2 tanks and you can see what I mean... I will edit this post with the pic in a few mins...
  13. My tanks are only 5.7ltr each. They are six sided tanks with (2 ball filter things? a carbon filter and sponge all in the one little thing... what are wc's??? No he was not chewing, I have had him for a couple of months now and was fine until a few days ago... So are you telling me not to turn on the filter at all?? Maybe just get a turkey baster to clean out his poo..??!!
  14. I did have them side by side about 2 inches apart with a lava lamp behind them so that they don't get bored. I have just moved them about 6 inches apart now with the lamp in between them... Do you think that will help, or should I block them off totally?? I really only bought flame to keep BluBoy company. looks like I might have made a mistake... Bummer My Flame is not stressing out at all. He has been going great, but the other thing I just thought of is I have put a snale in BluBoys tank to help clean it.. could that be the problem?????
  15. I only have the filter on for a short time each day, just to clean out his poo...lol Or in this case, his tale bits!! He has only just started doing this in the last couple of days.. maybe 3 He sits next to Flame and they were flaring at each other now and then, now he is just ignoring him! I have taken a pic of the bits and his tale now, but I have forgotten how to add the pics to my post.. can you help? This is him now... This was him before...
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