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  1. Could it be the lava lamp that is stressing him out? Is it always on?
  2. Just received this in the mail : See, Pat, Cuddle And Adore, All Creatures Great And Small WA's Family Pet Expo Friday, Saturday & Sunday November 17-19 Perth Convention Exhibition Centre Open 10-5 Daily A fun day out for the whole family www.petxpo.com.au What's Hot at the Pet Expo Baby animal farms Meet, pat and feed all your favourite farmyard animals MC Steve Austin - Q&A Sessions Renowned animal trainer Steve Austin answers your pet questions Pet supplies and products Food, fashions and supplies all in one place! Dog & cat competitions See numerous breeds of cats and dogs vie for top honours Pet fashion parades Designs for dogs on the petwalk! Doggy dancing and Pony Rides Lots of fun activities to enjoy Plus See birds, fish, reptiles and much much more! A fun day out for the whole family! Admission: Adults: $12 Family Ticket - 2 adults/2 children (5-16) $30 Children (5-16): $5 Children (under 5): FREE Proudly supporting: Association for the Blind of WA / Guide Dogs WA Jump online and see programs and more at www.petxpo.com.au
  3. Thanks for the pic! It's like playing "Where's Wally" with all the tetras - I love how they're just part of the picture (wouldn't have been able to tell if you didn't mention it) Gorgeous girls! Those boys will be getting rather edgy with all of them hanging around :(
  4. I'm actually using the Bunnings brand coco-peat for my grindals and they seem to be thriving! I only have a small container though and I try and keep the medium as "loose" as possible. Hope that helps!
  5. Forgot to ask - what sort of females did you get? :)
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions! Now to get this shelf together.. *pokes the OH*
  7. Wow they're gorgeous!! Fantastic pick-ups! Now to make my way to City Farmers Churchlands..... :thumbs:
  8. Whilst we have been moving house, I have uncovered a whole heap of empty tanks (sacrilege I hear you cry!) and have been wondering which one would probably be the best to spawn my bettas in? I have the following: 4 x 1' tanks 4 x 2' tanks 1 x 3' tank I was going to spawn in the 2' and double it as a grow-out tank, but then have been reading about fry survival rate being better in smaller spawn tanks. I've tried spawning in the 3' but it was so big that they could hardly find each other The 1' could work, but I'd be worried about moving all the teeny fry to the 2' when I need to! My lovely OH is going to be putting together one of those shelving units from Bunnings for me - I have bought the 5 shelf, 50kg per shelf capacity Colourbond one. We currently only have room for one shelving unit, but once we settle in a bit more I might be able to squeeze another one in somewhere In the meantime, I'd like to try and keep it compact and all fitting into the one unit. What would you recommend?
  9. He looks fantastic! Great buy Hai :drool:
  10. Welcome to AusAqua and Australia! :)
  11. Hi Brent, welcome to AusAqua!! :)
  12. Ooh look at him! Fantastic to finally see him true colours now that I can see him side on! Good luck with him Mouse! Can't wait to see who you put him in with in a spawn tank :blink:
  13. Wow look at those cakes! Fantastic work MrsJ!! Guess who's going to take out the Betta Bakeoff Challenge! :P
  14. You shouldn't need to run the filter if you're doing full water changes daily. This shouldn't give ammonia enough time to build up. Good luck! I hope he gets better soon.. he is one gorgeous fish!
  15. I'd personally recommend temporarily moving him to a smaller container, add tri-sulpha along with a full water change. I'd also do daily water changes - super clean water is essential for getting rid of fin rot. This is where the smaller container helps - not only is it easier to do full water changes regularly, you also have to use less meds! This also gives you a chance to give his current tank a good clean before putting him in after he's recovered. I am not sure about the tri-sulpha dosage, but I used to use double the recommended dosage of tetracycline for severe fin rot cases. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?
  16. OMG that's gorgeous! Good luck Leela :)
  17. Hi MM! Welcome to AusAqua Whereabouts are you from?
  18. You're on fire Fiona!! What a gorgeous pair :)
  19. TraceBruno


    Let me know if you are still have problems spawning them, I may have an opaque plakat boy you could borrow! Also, Veba's Aquariums still have a few very pretty opaque/platinum boys for sale!
  20. TraceBruno


    Just received her Fiona! She's settling into her new home now I have also purchased an opaque/platinum HMPK pair from JL and also another opaque PK male from the LFS. A white fish lover here! ^_^
  21. Thanks for the pictures Rob! Do the leaves sink after a while? I believe that was the main problem a lot of people who tried IAL as a bubblenest-building medium encountered.
  22. Well the best thing for an ammonia spike is to get rid of the ammonia - water change! If you need a quick fix, you can use something like AmmoLock to convert the harmful ammonia into a non-toxic form, but that is only a short-term solution. Ammonia will kill your fish so just keep an eye on it. With 500ml containers, I believe you'd be looking at doing a water change every 2-3 days? Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
  23. What are the rest of your water parameters? Ammonia/Nitrate/Nitrites? Could be ammonia poisoning? Forgot to ask what size tank you have spawned them in as well. Here's a link to your previous post, it was under the "Breeding Basics" forum http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=2989
  24. My imports are arriving today! Can't do anything in terms of spawning for the next few weeks, but this is hopefully what we will be looking to breed: - Black Orchid, HMPK or HM - Platinum, HMPK or HM - Copper Butterfly, HM or HMPK The Copper line may or may not eventuate, I just like looking at pretty Coppers! May also dabble in a couple of metallic crosses, eg. Platinum X Copper, which I believe Joep has tried a couple of.
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