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  1. I am going to try and make it but I can't make any promises yet cause I have to travel that week for work and I'm not sure if I'll be back in time. I will see if I can find a photo from the BBQ we had a few years ago with some of the older members. Which Brisbane members do we have on here these days?
  2. So where are you thinking of holding this meeting? 20th August in Brisbane .... but where exactly?
  3. For those of you who have been around AA for a few years now ... I'm finally back! After taking some time out from breeding, I've decided to venture back and try my luck again. Before I got rid of my stock I had over 400 CT's in an assortment of colours as well as some endlers and a pair of blue rams. I haven't touched my tanks since I moved house almost 4 years ago and I figure if I don't so something with them soon I am going to have to sell them. So here I am! I look forward to getting to know the new members and catching up with the oldies :-)
  4. It's been a while but I'm back!

    1. Sarah


      Welcome back!!! :D

      What's new?

  5. I know it has been a while since I logged on, but I wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year ! 2007 has been such a big year for me. I haven't had much time for anything lately, but I am looking forward to catching up with you in 2008. Take care, Have Fun, Be Safe Berryfriendly
  6. You guys crack me up. Yes Beano, I am also a "Shannon". Don't worry Lilli you haven't been calling me the wrong name for the last year or so. What is Mateus though? I've never heard of it. As for this spawn ... Do you want the good / bad / or the worst news ... Bad News = Bloody snails ate eggs again. You would have thought I would have learnt by now. Good news = Snails let 1 fish survive Worst News = Dad jumped out of his tank and was found shrivelled up on the floor. My lone survivor is doing well and although he's only little, he is red.
  7. Where is the aquarium & bird shop?
  8. I use farex and never have any problems. My biggest problem is wanting 1 coulture but ending up with 4. :)
  9. Did they have any more Beano? I tried to start a yellow line before xmas but I ended up losing my fry and then both parents a few weeks later. Since then I haven't seen another yellow betta.
  10. Didn't his white girls have a cambo mother? Thanks for the offer of the cambo male. We will have to see how these little guys go first. They hatched last night at about 8:30. It was one of those rare moments when I actually got to watch them hatch and fall then swim and fall. It was so cute.
  11. Ok now you guys have gone too far. I just meant that the males have to look after the babies. Update: Fry are free swimming and eating BBS. Both parents still in tank and not eating anyone as far as I can see. We are off to a good start.
  12. No Peter she's not. I got 2 cambo females from Jodie before xmas and they have been hanging out in the pond waiting for me to spawn them. I haven't seen many cambo spawns so I thought I would give them a go. What do you think I can expect?
  13. Well I released this pair on saturday and found they had a tiny little nest of about 30-40 eggs this morning. Mum is still quite plump but I think dad lost interest in spawning. Maybe she didn't "do it" for him. Both fish are doing fine. Here is a picture of dad
  14. Glad to hear that they are going so well for you.
  15. My lovely DH felt guilty looking at them all cramped up in a 2ft tank at lunch time and decided to build me another pond. Isn't he sweet. We spent the afternoon constructing it and I spent a couple of hours detangling and repotting some lillies for them. It was dark by the time I finished so I will have to get photos tomorrow.
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