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  1. Thanks. I've only just started rearing my head around here again! I'm setting up my 5ft planted again so am all inspired and motivated.
  2. Thank-you! I've been away for the last couple of weeks so this was a nice thing to come back to. Thanks for your best wishes, guys.
  3. If they're like the Australian freshwater sole... Aren't they predatory fish?
  4. Sailfin mollies are awesome - never seen the lyretails before, so score for you! Good luck!
  5. Leema

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome stonedragon. :thumbs:
  6. The girls will stay pregnant, though. They store sperm.
  7. Leema

    Hi There

    Welcome. I believe I've seen your name around DOL. :betta:
  8. Welcome Casey. I do believe we have some Western Australian members. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
  9. I have the first one. 150W or 100W depends on the size of the waterbody you are going to heat with them, obviously. I have a million different heater brands here, and the only one to die on me was a Hydor - which is one I spent the most on, and one that most people are in love with. :)
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