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  1. hi berrifriendly , those CT are fantastic looking specimens , and that girl, Dammn , is a real shame to have lost her . Keep tring with other girls even if they are not as good those male should throw some nice offspring . That last blue boy is a bit metalic????
  2. when i had my tanks inside i cleaned them out and well .. a week later i commented that next door has been burning a lot of toast lately as i can smell something around breaky every morning for the last few days ???? you gessed it a big hole in the carpet as i forgot to put heater in water .. lucky the carpet was a bit ignition proof and the heaters thermastat still worked out of water . Chance was with us that day .... this is a tale of when you get older you forget things.... :)
  3. they are very nice .the more i see of yellows the more i like them .good luck with raising all those fry too .can,t wait to see the yellow CT progress .....
  4. stubbskm, feel free to drop in, I,m always interested in saying gidday and have a fish yarn. I can give direction to a couple of fish shops close by ....
  5. very nice mouse lovely contrasting edges
  6. Nice set up there you should do well with breeding .It is always good to see what others are up to when they set up there tanks.
  7. Another Brisbane Get together was attended by peter j and Berryfriendly at marcs place lastnight . The garage critique was simply a way to get together to look at some betta from my spawns as well as a few of berryfriendlies lovely reds. We shuffeled jars for a few hours and short listed some nice pairs for next year. A big thanks to peter for his help on claryifying a few colour issues I had, and for comming from so far on a friday night. And also a big thanks to Berrifriendly for liasing with fish chick to obtain two nice MG boys for me , these arrived last night as well ...We had a
  8. :) happy birthday for yesterday Mousie :P
  9. That is a striking color combination.. like a tri colour ? Try to get a good full side shot of him ..
  10. they are all fantastic looking fish Joep,well done
  11. They are a nice looking pair Berrifriendly and should throw some nice offspring. I was wondering about your objectives are you wanting the red to extend more over the body, and or, develop a black body and red fins ?.
  12. I think he is a keeper He has everthing I would look for in my first selection of stock from a batch of juvie fish Again only going on my fish, I believe Ct are the proverbial ugly duckling storey with their there fins changing over the next month with some fin length and spread improvement. A sign of double ray extensions now may also improve a bit later on. I like his shape, "Barramundii body" strong and solid. Nice claudial spread. Even webbing. I think he is double ray just showing that split on the tips ? I agree with the others and rekon another month for another look see to
  13. marc


    crdave , will those bi colour blue metalics be mated to similar metalic, blue or green or steel colour girls ..
  14. marc


    Hi crdave, they are stunners i have been looking at these on aquabid lately and its one of the colours i would like to get next year. Are the blue bi colours close to being mustard gas ??? . This may be a dumb question but those blues are metalics aren't they ?? did you get some girls as well ???
  15. In Brissy we will be going to levil 4 on the 1 st November. That is only a few weeks away ....I always said that Betta breeders have the greenist gardens....I recycle all my water and have built a water dolly that i use all the time to store and distribute old fish water on my plants ...The idea came from a guy who made one for his wife..to make bucket watering easier .. Extra on 9 i think It is simply a bucket on wheels with a small bilge pump and battery ...
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