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  1. 16 weeks - super deltas and half moons yey.
  2. 24 have been jarred an there still seems to be 30+ in the grow out.
  3. Awwww my little boys are building cute bubble nests in their new homes
  4. 11 weeks old now so many colors Small is still 1 cm big 3 cm
  5. 2 weeks old not great pics but they are so tiny my phones cam isn't good enough haha
  6. Found this guy this morning not sure where it was hiding the other day when I was taking pics haha
  7. 3rd largest icy blue irid Blue with less red wash Haven't been able to snap a red fin one yet
  8. Tiny white one A blue Looks a little like mustard gas xD a green one second largest. Medium red wash Large red wash
  9. Spawned on the 29th of October and I now have free swimming fry enjoying their VE and BBS. A very small spawn though as there are only 2 fry to my knowledge. Will attempt to get pics soon.
  10. Unfortunately this pair failed to produce any fry :(
  11. 9 weeks old or 2 months xD size wise largest 2.7 cm and tiny guys 1 cm half have blue, green purplish colors and some with red wash in their fins. 2 thirds of the other half have fleshy bodies an red fins an the tiny guys all seem to be ice blue or white. Will post pics soon.
  12. That would be good that means the spawn should be super deltas and possibly a couple of hms.
  13. Ok got another pic of her hopefully better she's the one in the back my young halfmoon wanted attention lol
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