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Happy Birthday Mishy!


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Awww... thanks loves! I'm off searching for me bundy, barnsey tape, and taking Bluey on a bash through the bush today... :bighug: (someone just sent me an sms with 'happy birthday bogan!') Nah, I kid.. i'm at work today... Thanks again

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Amigo *lol* *lol*

I would've sent ya an SMS but I kind "lost" my fone one nite :bighug:*lol*

Hope today has been everything you've been wanting ur B'day to b, and hope ur having sum tipsy (if not drunk yet) fun ;)

(can hear Mishy singing *the roof ... the roof... the roof is on Fire* ;):D )

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Happy Birthday, Mishy! 

Hope it was a good one.  Are you old enough to have hangovers yet?


Yes, Bren.. .yes I am...

I found out early on Sunday morning... Saturday i partied like it was 1999, then Sunday it felt like amageddon.

Poor Nam had to carry me into his uncle's house cause I was rather passed out.

THIS time I swear I'm off alcohol for good...

Next birthday, Nam said I get a walking frame and shawl if I stick to my vow.

Thanks Lambo

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