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  1. Have to admit, every time I see them my fingers get itchy- have a real thing for these fish. Yep- one day... Deb (& Step)
  2. I am in Brisbane tomorrow and Tues- will definately be popping in- look forward to seeing everything Deb ^_^
  3. I actually looked here today and just saw this WOW Thanks guys And it is mine (Deb) not Step's. What did I get? Well a month ago we moved and I now have a 20 x 12m shed which is getting a full climate controlled fish room built in in the next few months,meanwhile (being warmer,I have just taken over the shed itself. I will do photo's as I go. cheers all Deb
  4. Yep you can buy them, we have one we are trialling. My only complaint is a very high evaporation rate as the water runs down the back wall to the 'sump' . Otherwise very useful cheers Deb
  5. I actually saw these guys a couple of weeks ago and they are amazing and great size. The line is a stunner too, Michael has a couple of generations there, I was trying to work out how to sneak one home but not viable on the plane unfortunately regards Deb
  6. All the dark ones change colour, one of ours gets white stripes of a night only and loses all his orange then, can be all black or get his spots at different times, it's pretty normal. The white ones can lose their orange at times as well, very linked to their emotions with the Oscars (we have 4 at present). If's it overcast (or dark) I always turn a room light on before I turn on the tank lights. cheers Deb
  7. debstep


    Hi Kristin Welcome to the forum- you'll find a heap of info and great people here. Good luck in your future breeding regards Deb (& Step)
  8. We got him from Great_Aquatic on aquabid, we got the Red Marble and green female from him as well, we were very happy with them, have a Lavender female coming over from him next shipment, they were reasonably priced too and he was good to deal with. (The red marble wasn't on aquabid.) I agree it's very hard to find them and most are very expensive, I check new listings each day, if I miss a day I just search 'Giant'. I really love our HM boy, he has a great spread, a bit of rosetail in him, and could be going OHM by the looks. He is in going to be bred firstly to the red/blue girl before she
  9. Thanks Yes they really are, the first bpy is a whopper, we have had a few giants but none as big as him before, mostly the size of the green girl. Exciting update, as at last night we hve eggs, I have mostly covered the tank so will only check a couple of times a day, will update on a Gene Pool thread when/if we get a successful hatch. (Giant eggs take longer so it's going to be a nervous wait) cheers Deb
  10. Finally got some photo's uploaded of my new fish - these are our giants just come over Our Marble giant Boy (this is the biggest fish we have ever owned)- 8+cm not including fin who is being conditioned in the breeding tank now with our Green Girl -6 cm not including fin HM Giant Boy (not as quites large yet and this is a very bad photo, his body is not as short as this and he does have the proper D tail- we have a spawn sister as well HM/Giant Female (body 5cm) check out her ray splits we also have a marble PK coming next week- as well as a Melano from Chaba and 4 more
  11. Very Nice $5- What a bargin
  12. Hi Buddy Welcome to the forum- nice to see another Queenslander deb & Step
  13. debstep

    Hi all

    Hi Najina and Pat Welcome back (though we have been gone too...) It wouldn't be the same coming back to the forum without you cheers Deb & Step
  14. We have 2 OF THEM in a 6x2.5x2 tank with Silver dollars, Oscars, a pair of Bristlenose and a Gibby. All seem to get along well with minimal fighting however we have lots of logs, holes etc for everyone and it is heavily planted. Mind you the Ghost Knife do chase each other around the tank occasionally but never seem to harm each other and it's for a few minutes at most. I wouldn't keep more than 1 in any smaller tank personally cheers Debi (& Step)
  15. I'm in as long as I get 2 weeks notice Cheers Deb (bugger Step) Not really
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