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  1. Thanks for explaining. I thought I was going nuts.
  2. Dear wonderful admins, When I view a members profile and click 'send email' I get a screen that says: 'The error returned was: Sorry, you are not permitted to send an email via this board' I thought it might just be a problem with that members email so I tried a different member and got the same error. Ending up sending a pm but thought i would let you know, in case it isn't just me. Cheers, Liam.
  3. It's a 2217, with an advertised flow max of 1000 lpm. Even with the filter full of media, that's 95% of the advertised maximum. Not too shabby.
  4. I've finally tested this out. Didn't realise it would take me so long to do it. These are the averages of 3 trials. Empty = 968 Liters per hour Full = 952 Liters per hour Could the height of the fish tank also affect what kind of readings you obtain? If the filter has to pump the water up higher, then maybe it slows the flow a little?
  5. Once you past 23 you start to become old Happy Birthday. Have a good day.
  6. Hey I don't really have a brand recommendation, but I suggest staying away from the cheaper t5 lights if heat is a concern. I bought a 4x54w t5 light for cheap. I'm happy with the amount of light it provides and the unit works great (although i've heard these units are a lucky dip) but it does get hot. From what I have heard the more expensive brands are cooler to run.
  7. A better promo then what channel ten is giving for next year. I'm guessing a photo competition?
  8. How many watts per gallon? And how far is the glosso from the light? Blowing co2 into the tank is not really going to work but I doubt I need to tell you that. If the watts per gallon ratio is high enough (I'm guessing it is since you said high lighting) and close enough, it's probably a lack of co2. You could try diy co2, and/or a gluteraldehyde based solution, such as aquagreen's dino spit, or seachem excel. Melting also seems to fit with a lack of co2. Sometimes glosso is grown commercially emersed. When it is then submerged into the tank, if there is not enough co2 in the tank the pl
  9. Still have not done this. Will try to do it soon. I'm thinking I'll do 3 tests of empty and full to try and get an average. It'd be good if other brands were tested. Might be a good gauge as to how good the equipment of each brand is. If a brand is willing to make false flow rate claims, then maybe the equipment they sell will not last as long? Then again, I've been told by others that all the different equipment for each brand is made in the same factory.
  10. So I know this thread is getting old, but I am pulling it back up. It happens it turn out that I have just purchased an Eheim 2217, still sitting in its box (I'm lazy and have not set it up yet). I'm gonna have to try this test out now to see what the flow rates are.
  11. Wouldn't a rice paddy be full of algae? Water sprite is edible.
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